Incel art movie released today. Directed, written etc by Jet112

Here it is. The trailer for it was shown here a while ago.

“Try very hard while you’re in high school and college. If you were going to have any success, that’s where you will have it. That’s the best place to do it at. High school, you’re in an artificial environment where the females have not entered the whole dating market yet because their underage. You’re basically grouped in the perfect gender balanced of very close and intimate environment. That will never happen again in your life no matter where you go. The competition for females just increases overtime. The best bet for any male is high school.”

I had no idea back then. Now it’s too late for me. And everyone lied about it.
Someone has to pay for this.

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typical boomer bullshit. They say wait to have sex before marriage. Tradcucks ruin lives. I was raised in tradcuck dogmas like that. And brainwashed to wait to have sex before marriage. It ruined my whole entire life.


this was a very very bad documentary

You are probably correct but whats worse is that tradcucks ruin male lives with the whole sex before marriage thing. So much psychological problems are caused by tradcuck idealogy such as sexual repression and not getting laid as a teen, then realizing that you missed out on all the good teengirl sex and society rigged you to be incel. And boomers ruined the economy as well so you can’t even afford the wedding. Boomer and tradcuck idealogy is a cancer of this world.


most of the world is tradcuck and most young men were incel most of civilization after lifespans increased

yes. After they inventing farming, women could not longer feel autogynephillia towards savage brutish hunters. Before farmers, men would hunt deer in woods, then impress women with the meat. This triggered women to have autogynephillia. Then men became beta farmers and no longer autogynephillia, instead marriage. Then 95% of men became incel.

I am a vegetarian and wish to ban meat from society. Banning meat will allow hunter men to make more bux selling meats. Meat will be as nature intended, hunting deer in the woods.

The thing that tradcucks and Libtards have in common is they don’t recognize the difference between males and females.

With tradcucks that might seem odd, because traditional gender roles and all that. But that’s the difference between being an actual trad versus being a Boomer tradcuck. Tradcucks apply the rules in a way that is specifically harmful to males; when females violate the rules they just look the other way like the weak ass 60-year-old fuckers they are.

Sexual repression of females seems to have a positive effect, but this does not at all appear to be the same for males. Tradcucks fail to realize this.

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Males and females are different but also the same.

Males are attracted to females and females are in love with themselves. That is why handsome men, even men as handsome as Gregory Peck, have to seduce and be suave with women. That is why women always state they are submissive in bed and dont approach guys. They litterally cant be anything other than bottoms. Because they litterally are incable of real lust for men. They are capable of admiration of men, lust of abs and cocks, and autogynephillia. They find a man they admire then feel autogynephillia about that, that is how 30% of men are able to spread their genes. The rest 70% are cucs or incels. The only ti me women actually lust for men is if the men are gigachads or fems.

Sex is given to males as reward for good deeds. Rarely do women lust for men, they mostly feel autogynephillia, or peripheral lust for abs and cock. This is because most men have hominid type features. This is why women giving up shopping at Victoria’s Secret is percieved as an attack on men. Because if women stop purchasing fetish clothes it means there is less autogynephillia. If there is less autogynephillia it means most men wont get laid, because women dont lust for most men. Men are expected to approach and seduce women, women only approach and seduce femboys or gigachads.

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