Incel anaylsis and human social analysis

Facial masculinity has no impact on attractiveness to females, in fact less facial masculinity can be attractive to some females.

This is of course, not always the case. Someone with low facial masculinity will be popular with teen women, but become incel after women turn 18.

Therefore it is important to resist the Puritan idealogy of society saying that sex with 15 year old females is wrong. It is litteral bigotry against fem males and forcing them to be incel by complying with anti-male demands of female society.

Someone said that the link between facial masculinity and overall sexual and reproductive success also seems generally non-existent in modern societies. A meta-analysis of the relationship between various forms of observable masculinity found there was no significant relationship between facial masculinity and sexual success or number of children fathered. I think this is true.

This is because males with more facial masculinity (such as protruding subhuman features) simply were more robust and lived longer. Thus maximized their ability to seduce females due to sheerly more trial and error. And thus spread more genes. Its not proof that females actually selected such things.

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