In what ways do you think you need to grow or change?

if at all

I need more feminization in terms of looking more feminine.

But I will not feel shame over having a healthy and functioning sex drive.

I think I need to be more blunt at times and sometimes care less. My good will gets taken advantage of.

Need to do more for other people, get off prescribed drugs (with my doctors help), lose 20 pounds, and get a cat.

I don’t believe in change for the sake of change.

Nothing wrong with me. Society (especially females) needs to change.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I’m going to be turning 36 in a few months, so what can I really do at this point? And honestly I’m okay with who I am. I don’t hate myself totally so things like surgery that certain incels strive for are just not what I think I should do. Can’t grow taller, so what you see if what you get. Yet if I was a woman and said “don’t like it? bye!” people would praise me for being confident.

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All females are supposedly beautiful… even obese and ugly ones. Yet we have to work so hard just to get someone’s attention? Sounds like bull shit to me.