In 2020 there's no reason why any man (unless disability of sort) can't live a life that's at least 3/10+

I’ve been thinking about this.
I often think (relatively to my own estimated potential) I lived a 4/10 life. I could have lived an amazing 8/10 life with a hot partner and even a kid or 2 but oh well. I could have broke my spine and lived 2/10 life I guess, but that’s ■■■■■■ I guess.

Point is, I think today most guys can actually live a 3/10 life and up.
Incel? Wageslave? OK at least you can afford a hooker once in a while. Combine that with quality modern copes like vidya and tv series/youtube etc., I don’t see how it can be lower than 3/10.

Some truecels from the 80s? I really do fear some of these poor saps were living 2/10 life.

Thoughts etc.?

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Perhaps, but then again on the flip side there’s no reason why any female can’t live a life that’s at least 7/10+.

Maybe truecels did have it worse in the past with fewer copes, but the average QOL for males has gone down.

Perhaps the “floor” was increased slightly, but the “ceiling” has been cut down significantly, so the average quality of life for males has decreased.


Factory work is inherently less than 3/10 imo.

Cant get a hooker in america anyway without constant fear of persecution by the state and getting scammed by hookers.

you’d say you’re living a 2/10 life?

What would you say your realistic top potential was?

Realistic 10/10 life for males can only be achieved by following my male lesbian guidelines and thesis here: