Imma invite these homegirls here

Cos let’s face it, they should be members here


go ahead

That all you got to say?

what you waiting for?

I like pretty women

I think you missed the point of this thread

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I think I missed the point of this thread…


They look really cool! Especially the one on the bottom, looks like she’s awesome in a erotic role play.

Sorry I’m sexually frustrated heavily.

Yes… You really must be to say that about that girl.

Wow you a true incel my homie, you true

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Struggle is real.

Plus she’s kinda of adorable.

Really? And she cooks also!

Like I said I know homegirl, you know if you really like I can try to put you in contact if you really like, even better if you live in UK

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Sadly I’m American but would love to meet her! Do she has discord? I don’t really care about cooking. It’s all about personality.

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ohhhhhhhhhhhhh goddddddddddddd fap fap fap

Stop faping to ugly women.

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I’d date.
I swear half of you are volcels

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Feels like I just strolled into 4/10 city.

I guess the top right. Borderline really, pretty much comes down to non-physical traits at that point.

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If I had to do it, I’d go for that one too.

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I’m imagining making love to the bottom one, watching her rolls undulate with every thrust, and exploding deep inside. Wish I could take her out to dinner