I'm totally LGBT


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@tables :rage:

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I’m a male lesbian.

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Incel is a sexuality and should be apart of the lgbtq+. Incels are also the most oppressed people in society.

I disagree.

Incels are morally and intellectually superior to most LGBTQ+ members, and most LGBTQ+ members are having a lot of sex.

We just don’t belong to the same group.


Because they are sex havers?

The difference between Incels and the LGBTQ+ is that Incels actually have a real problem.


He’s right you know…

LGBTQ+ people pretend they’re seen like crap by society. Incels are actually seen like crap.

They need to pretend it because it’s how they push their agenda down our throats. Just like Jews and its never ending propaganda on how much nazism was bad. They need us to feel sorry 100% of the time.

Also… LGBTQ+ spaces are always filled with thots. I do not associate with thots.

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Yeah, but being asexual is a sexuality, Incel should be too tbh. But ig not since, almost everyone would be incel by their own definition.

lgbtq+ is very racist imo. Transgender “women” have gotten up from their seat on the bus, when I sit across from them. one threw a soda drink all over my grandmas car while we were driving. Idk It’s either cause I’m ugly or black idk, but I think a lot
of transgender women are racist.

Yeah incels go through way worse things, but I think people have different definitions to what is incel.

I don’t think Incel is a sexuality.

If someone was “Incelsexual” then perhaps, but that would mean being attracted only to Incels. I guess that would be you.

Incel is a status much more similar to things like starvation, thirst, and homelessness.


Cringed but yes I’m incelsexual
Well if WE were apart of the lgbtq+, maybe people would care about our problems and we could rack up some oppression points.

But it was a joke so yeah

It may be a joke but it’s an interesting discussion.

As restart said, involuntary celibacy is a social phenomenon. It’s a mix of personal choices, bad luck and --mostly-- a failed society. Just like the famine in Africa.

We are victims of the circumstances.

Take me as an example. I’ve been heavily bullied in high school and raised by a bipolar single mother. Until I was 17 y/o I had no chance to be emotionally stable. Because of this I just couldn’t develop self confidence and social skills. Now I’m adult and don’t know how to interact with the opposite sex, which turns me into a weirdo and consequently incel. I’m a victim of social circumstances.

We’re all victims of circumstances.

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Damn, I just got rejected this morning. It’s over at 23 rejections so far. Met a guy like a long time ago on a dating site. He was very subhuman so I thought I had a chance, but he kept rejecting me. But he still kept me as a contact ig, but then yesterday he finally, blocked and unfriended me on everything.

Anyways, I’ve also been reading about equality. Like how, we would all have to be the same. Idk why I said that, but going back to a traditional life or whatever, and everyone was heterosexual without race, maybe everyone could be equal in a way. Idk?

As for me, I was born with ASD so it was over as soon as it started.

Dodging the bullet of circumcision apparently wasn’t enough.

Well that’s because things were ironically much more equal 50+ years ago.

These people that claim to love equality so much are complete failures. They can’t succeed at anything, including making things more equal. They’re just straight up fucking losers. In a man’s world, proven failures are kicked to the curb and replaced. But that ideology is primarily driven by femininity so it can persist despite failure after failure.

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Yeah, but it’s like lgbtq people want to say their being treated unequal and blacks and so what. But saying that, is creating more inequality, because like yk with colleges, like women can just get in for being a woman, it creates more inequality for men. You’re giving more privileges to one race gender or whatever. Which makes it more unequal.

If that makes sense lol?

My mom told me circumcised dicks look better.

Looks the same. It’s just pointless now.