Im Gunplay

Yo I just saw the website on my college billboard and decided to sign up. I’m Gunplay. I am into mma and fitness. I also rap. If anyone of you need help with your body transformations (losing or gaining weight and muscle, being beach ready, etc) or want me to ghostwrite a verse for your loved one just let me know. I do these for free since I love doing them. Have a good day yo


wait really?? it was on your college billboard??



welcome blah bah

show us how to lift, I am merely a noodle

Hello loveplay

You write poems?

I’ll take a pic on Monday. It was stuck by one of the students I guess. Honestly we have a lot of shitposters in the college so I wasn’t surprised to see it on the board.

How much do you bench

Yes. I basically write raps and record them. But I started as a poet so I do write some really technical stuff but also some simpler ones for the general public. Here is a song I made for my ex named Moza for her birthday- It was her favorite song so I used the instrumental and wrote my own lyrics / bars on it. Sad to say she blocked me even before listening to it :confused:

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Are you incel?

And that is not bad, damn.

Thanks my brother. Idk what incel is tbh. I’m from France and we don’t use that term here but I joined because the forums looked really interesting.

It means you want to have sex or a relationship but havent been able to find one for at least 6 months.

About 220 pounds at the most

I am a weakling :sob:

I have trouble lifting myself off the ground, more or less weights.

try doing upper back exercises, like rows and trap workouts like farmers walk… once you strengthen your upper back, you will have a much stronger push force which will translate into bench press

how much do you weigh lol

oh damn that sounds tough lol, usually i just go to a club and i get a girl

I dont think I have picked up a weight in 10 years…

How long have you been weightlifting?

For two years. I have been training MMA since I was 14 though and wrestling since I was 8. Back when I did combat sports training it didn’t involve weights at all. Mostly just high intensity interval training. I started lifting after getting into college.

If you need any help with a workout program or diet plan just lemme kno’