I'm Boring and Depressing

I’ve been thinking about trying online dating and trying to write a profile, but I realized it’s just really lame. Basically all I say is
-I’m transgender, but I can’t transition and am still presenting as male (I pretty much have to say this if I’m going to try and date lesbians)
-I have a chronic illness (I’m going to have to explain why I can’t do certain things)
-I’m into video games and music (about my only interests other than manosphere topics which is something I plan on keeping private for obvious reasons)
-I’d be interested in dressing as female in private, but not comfortable speaking in female voice yet (not really necessary, but gives more details on how the date could progress)

Part of my issue is autism. It makes it harder to relate to people. My chronic illness also impairs how I act once I meet them in person. Then there’s the issue of trauma and dysfunctional childhood. ThatsLife has a good post about that


You’re probably more interesting than any of the women you’re going after. Most women are insanely boring, vapid, shells.

Online dating sites/apps are a joke.

Not worth bothering with.

Don’t transition. You’ll be a lot more depressed and suicidal when you do.
It’s just women trying to convince us to “transition” because they love nothing more than seeing a guy get his penis and testicles cut off. It’s their primary fantasy. Don’t let those cunts win.

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I believe you should get comfortable with this asap because it’s going to be a big plus.

It’s clear they have a strong drive to produce children though. So they don’t want every man to cut his dick off. Just most of them. If you aren’t Chad then they literally want you to cut your dick off.

There’s no instinctive female desire to see any male have his penis and testicles attached precisely because one man can impregnate a thousand women. So women could evolve hatred and disgust towards these male parts because those parts would always exist in overabundance no matter how many were cut off. In fact you could castrate 95% of Chads and there’d still be more than enough Chads to impregnate every female.

The problem is that women expect men to be the interesting ones (unless they’re Chads). If you seem boring they’ll ghost you.

I’m not sure about lesbians. I saw a comment from someone in /r/genderqueer (like non-binary) who said they had better results when they tried dating lesbians.

@Sharia sex-change only inverts penis. Penis is not removed. A vagina is simply a penis pointed inward. Most women are in love with themselves primarily, a man secondarily. A mans penis entering a womans vagina provides validation, a penis in harmony, a double penis, a penis touching a penis.

As far as transitioning goes, women are 2x as bigoted against trans as men, 3% of men are willing to have sex with trans, but only 1½% of women are willing to have sex with trans. That may sound like low odds, but that’s still better odds than incels have, which is something like 0.1% or less. Also, 30% of lesbians (supposedly) will fuck you, but only if you are a passing beautiful transsexual (odds are not likely to happen if you are incel and autistic as well.)

Women are only against dating a transman because they want a meal ticket.
A transman does not have the biological brain of a real male so will not accept being a worthless slave working for some woman’s welfare for the rest of his life. The average biological male is programmed to view himself as less valuable than a female, that’s why most men are white knights.
When it comes to sex, whatever little desire women have is entirely towards other women.

Most of the penis is chopped off during these “transitions”, as well as the testicles.

Edit: how the f do you upload or link images?

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