If incel were a movement, it's feminist parallels would be:

Incel Wiki - The Lily
naama kates - Nanette Rainone
eggman - Emily Taft Douglas
Randy - Queen Arawelo
Nathan Larson - Simone de Beauvoir
jyvur - Helen Weinzweig?
bummerdrummer - pussy riot


Is that someone else named jyvur?

That would be my luck: I tried to make up a weird original pen name and it’s actually a real name :stuck_out_tongue:

think you are #1 on google for jyvur now

no it was you, i just googled ‘feminist fiction writer’

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Little old me? I made your list!

Ah my heart!

I hope my writing does some good for incels, even if it’s not actually a movement.

what is your writing? @jyvur

I’m writing a serialized fiction about an incel main character. I usually serialize on wattpad, but they took the book down and issued me an account warning (even though it’s literally just a sad dude scrolling reddit and being sad).

My other books are a little different. I have a self-published horror novel that’s pretty well-known in the indie sphere. Combustion is how I made a name for myself.

And then I’ve got a bunch of time-travel romance novels.

I’m just indie though. I had some interest from agents with Combustion, but inevitably wasn’t able to break into trad-pub. So…I’m a nobody in the real world lol But sometimes people on the interweb know who I am.
My pen name is Jyvur Entropy

oh wow

I might read this

this is hardcore horror though XD, maybe too much for me

OH I did hear about this. Someone on discord was talking about this. Didn’t connect the dots. First of it’s kind I’m sure.

Is romance or horror your favorite to write?

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Gah! People are talking about my book?

You’re killing me. My heart can’t take it.

For real though, if anybody wants to tell me what they think about it, I could use actual incel guidance. For a bit, I had an incel buddy on reddit who was beta reading a lot of it, but that contact fell apart. So yeah, always looking for honest reactions and ideas on how to make my books better.

Combustion doesn’t have very much gore, if that’s what you’re worried about. It’s more psychological. Although it does have a child protagonist (although geared at adults-I was very inspired by Paul Tremblay’s Head Full of Ghosts) so sometimes people can’t handle seeing a kid in danger.

Personally, I can’t take gore and I hate that modern horror is so focused on torture porn. I want to scared, not grossed out. So while there are some elements of body horror in this book, there isn’t much on-screen graphic stuff.

And if you want to read it, I’m giving away free arcs on booksprout right now. Trying to get some reviews! lol
For real over 80,000 people read it on wattpad and I only got six of them to pop over to goodreads and give me a review.

I used to like horror a lot more. But as I’ve gotten older, I think romance has become my favorite. Especially since there’s a lot of unexplored territory in romance. I like writing atypical male leads: shy guys, short guys, etc.
The one book where I have a typical alpha male lead is actually a subversive criticism of the romance genre (and how it consistently fetishizes male violence).

lol…sorry…if anybody asks me about my books I tend to carry on! But yeah, I think romance is my favorite genre right now. Although starting to get more into contemporaries. ‘Incel’ was my first serious try at a contemporary and now I have a bunch of ideas for contemporary character studies.