If I had a supportive bf I would take better care of myself

been rejected 16 times since, I’ve lost weight and tried looksmaxxing. I’ve now given up on everything and myself.

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Sorry to hear that. You need take care of yourself for yourself. How old are you? 16 times you say? How are you approaching? What kind of guys do you like?

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Yup 16 times, 4 people wanted to be in a relationship with me, but I was blocked after showing them my face. 1 time I was just ghosted, rejected irl 3 times, the rest I tried asking out by texting them. So yeah.

Ask out any guy who I think shows interest in me. ^

It’s heartbreaking that people are so shallow. I bet you’re not even that bad looking they just want 10/10’s. Maybe I’m wrong and you are ugly would you consider plastic surgery?

You need to focus on your looksmatch. If you’re a 4/10 girl you can’t pursue 8/10 guys. For example, most females in r/trufemcels are just below-average looking women that ignore below-average looking men, which is nonsense.

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I feel the same way, with a girlfriend that is.


Yesss, I need surgery. I’m a bad saver, but I was planning on saving for rhinoplasty so I can fix my flat nose.

Idk what my looksmatch is, I pursue anyone I think shows interest in me.

I bet your nose is as cute as a button. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

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Okay lol. I have strong negro features.

Muh Nubian Queen.


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I mean you kind of need to have yourself put together to get a bf. That’s my personal experience at least.

What are you currently doing? And what guys are you pursuing? And how/where?

Unless you’re obese or have some deformity in your face, I can’t see why you would struggle to find a sexual partner. You said earlier you need a rhino, but you didin’t make it clear whether your nose is reaaally problematic or simply not perfect (most noses aren’t btw).

If you do find sexual partners and just can’t get into a LTR you may have some psychological problem that scares men when they get to know you better.

This thread has given me jungle fever I’m going to look into Africamaxxing.

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I’d take better care of myself too if I wasn’t permacel. Like I could be 180lbs instead of 200lbs (5lbs fatter probably due to Winter/holidays, in the summer my weight seems to go down to 185-190lbs). Getting hungry and then eating is one of the few things I can still experience pleasure from.


Losing weight, is all I’m trying to do now tbh. I pursue anybody I think shows interest in me. Online, irl, texting, and dating sites.

I feel you

I don’t find sex or relationships. I don’t think I have any facial deformities and I’m not obese.