I wrote a guide for femcels

I can’t find it now. I’ll leave this thread open and maybe later I will edit with the guide

It’s impossible to place links, so I’ll copy and paste my old thread.

  • To avoid personalitymaxed ugly people, because they are always clones of average normies without a real personality, they are just ugly liars who want to trick females.

  • Read one or two PUA books, to learn how low value males delude themselves into thinking they can manipulate you.

  • Only have sex with Chad, or with big dick people, choose males with high self esteem and don’t be afraid if sometimes they cheat on you.

  • Don’t be stupid and avoid marriage with the ugly man, when female are young they absolutely have to select the Chadder males.

  • Do not think for any reason that ugly people who show off have a “better personality”, it’s not the case, after few years you will learn that males have always the same personality, fake intellectuals and fake feminists are common. ANALT (all normies are like that)

  • It’s not necessary to be a prostitute, there are a lot of ways to extract resources from males, camwhoring and Instagram or patreon.

  • Don’t let incels to emotionally manipulate you, most of them are male attention wh0res, if an incel put you in a bad situation telling you he will commit suicide if you don’t give him enough attention, you tell him that you will report him to the police for harassment or something like that.

  • Don’t waste your young years, if you want to be a mother it is better to be one when you are young.

  • Don’t feel bad when incels try to emotionally manipulate you, it’s normal to prefer dildos over ugly males.

  • Surgeries are common, don’t listen to incels, they only try to devalue your looks. And looking good is very important for females.

  • If you are a femcel, do never settle for an incel. Don’t think for a second that you may have something in common with an incel. Incels are the worst manipulators and they spend a lot of time online. You may think you catch the attention of a young incel, the truth is that such loser males approach every female they see online and IRL, you are just being manipulated.

  • If you are temporarily femcel, first off get fit and eat properly, boost your attractiveness and high value males will come. It’s not shallow to care about your looks.

  • Learn about the recent discoveries about neuroscience. Every month you risk being manipulated. Some days your verbal skills are stronger. Learn about your hormones.

  • Don’t listen to fat acceptance feminists. While some females may have a good mental health when they are fat, it may not be your case. Being fit is important for your self esteem.

  • Read feminist critics of romance, learn why believing in a male fabricated lie will hurt your self esteem and SMV

  • Don’t feel worry if you prefer Chad, don’t listen to incels and try to find a female mentor, an older one. If you can’t find her, join a female space online, there are many.

Be aware that low SMV males will attempt to lower your sexual value all the time. It is their main reproductive strategy, associate only with people that want to support you.

Some men want to be rewarded for their beta orbiting practices. Do not reward them, under any circumstances.

Research about “feminism cookie”

  • If a male has problems holding an erection, dump him. Don’t be afraid and always dump unfit males. females have to be cruel and wise when they are young.

Yes there are males who are “different”, but the question is: do you really want or need them?

A healthy highIQ successful male is almost a carbon copy of every other healthy male.

David Buss noticed that the female’s male ideal is always the same. Meaning that there is an archetype of male that is always successful, and he may look like a carbon copy of others who are as successful and healthy.

Some males are “different”, most of them are incels for a good reason.

You sound like a cancerous feminist.

No. This is just my experience, having observed incels for more than 2 years. I am incel myself.

The most important thing a femcel has to consider, is the fact that men today are feminized, more manipulative, they tend to pitymax, lie, some incels threatened females telling them they wanted to commit suicide. So a femcel has to consider that and avoid emotionally manipulative incels at all.

Femcels don’t exist, and why do you cater to cancerous feminists.

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Of course they exist. They have issues with emotionally manipulative and parasitical vampires, more issues on average finding partners and sexual encounters. It’s a misconception to believe that femcels have the same issues male incels have, of course they have other problems, some of them I talked about in this thread.

And for the last time, I am no feminist. I am angrily against male feminists who spend time worshipping women.

You are a total cancerous male feminist, this discussion is done.

Most femcels have 100’s of guys they can choose, none of them are gigachads so they reject them.

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Who cares about that. I just wanted to be nice to femcels, as your admin explained me that this place is for niceguys

I have this honest advices to give, avoid emotionally manipulative incels, if they threaten you telling they want to commit suicide, you tell them to go on and stop bothering you.

Shitting on males isn’t being nice. You are an absolute feminist who wants only chads to succeed in life.

Thots and females are usually the emotional vampires not males. And yes a lot of incels are manipulative or toxic, this isn’t biological but because they are treated bad by thots and cruel females.

Some incels shouldn’t spread their genes, on the other hand incels with decent genes shouldn’t always fail to chad. And sexual pleasure is often non-reproductive and not spreading genes anyway.

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No, I just wanted femcels to understand that incels are more or less feminized, so they use emotional manipulation, shaming tactics against men and women, if everything fail then incels try to pitymax. You just have to avoid them, if they want to commit suicide, let them try.

I will sure have no issues with this guide as I never approached a femcel and I will never do.

If they were feminized they wouldn’t look like ogres. They are simply low t and clucked by civilization. Society bans all forms of masculine power so naturally they have to resort to verbal pua game to seduce females.

You are full of shit and only want chads or big dick males in gene pool. You want to discard all males that have good genes besides chads. You are a toxic cancerous feminist.

Incels only try to bring other men down, the same attitude they use to attack femcels. In my experience, if you use logic and reason, incels respond with the word “c0pe”, they want you to be sad, pathetic, groveling. Then incels try to manipulate femcels for no reason, using the same vile tactics they use against men like me. Some women are nice and kind so they risk being manipulated by vile pussy beggars incels, so I provided them the means to destroy our common enemy: the pussyfied male servant of feminism, the incel.

You are the one being a toxic incel trying to bring men down.

A society where only chads and tyrones get laid, and they cheat around on their wives, my god what a utopia (sarcasm)

thots and femcels are the emotionally manipulative vampires, they are hypergamists who have 100’s of male orbiters but claim they are femcels. About 1% of femcels are actually femcels.

No I want men to have success, I want them to argue against their oppressors when they are accused, I want to see them succeed in their purposes. That’s why I do not appreciate incel rhetoric, even if I am incel IRL.

you are full of shit.

You want women to only have sex with Chads and big dick tyrones.

you are the biggest cluck i have ever met in my entire life.

if i multiplied these clucks into an ultra omega cluck, the amount of cluckdom you have would exceed that even more.

I started using this original funny word first. So you copied me.

Other than that, I think you misunderstood my message. I am not against incels, I mean since I am incel of course I cannot be against incels. I just think that some normies coopted the incel label, that’s why you see so many incels who are pussy beggars and feminists.