I will start lifting again

I love the feel in my muscles both when i do it and after, really stupid i took a break from that, not even sure why i stopped going it.

Good news: i have not lost any strength

I can lift 18kg with one arm now, i want to increase that to 30kg.

I want abs and nice chest muscles too.


Fuck yeah let’s do it it buddy. If you need help with a program or a diet plan let me know. Inbox me your height and weight and I’ll write one for you.

Damn man. I love it when people take control of their lives for the good. Good luck fam.

Can I update you on my weightlifting too?

I am 196cm, 80kg.

I have done some experimenting with dieting but i have never been able to arrive at sometging that works for me.

Getting the 3000 calories i need is difficult.

Yeah. For sure. I’ll help you in any way I can. This is my passion and I have a degree in sports nutrition so I’d love to help you out

Got you. So your main goal is to get ripped and basically be aesthetic right? Or do you want to gain strength?

I’ll write a diet plan for you accordingly. You don’t need 3000 calories tbh cause your BMR is less than that. So unless you have like a physically demanding job, you don’t need to eat that many calories. I’ll give you the specific numbers by tonight.

I want both more strength and aestethics.

Your BMR is 1950 calories. So basically it means that you will burn 1950 calories even if you lie around all day.

If you want to get ripped and have abs, you have to have a deficit of at least 200 calories in respect to the BMR which would be 1750 in your case.

Obviously it’s hard to gain strength when you’re in a deficit but it’s still possible if you lift really heavy. That way you’ll be training your CNS and conditioning it to bare more heavy weights thus making you stronger.

I’ll inbox you an entire detailed plan in regards to both your workout and diet. It’s up to you if you want to follow it but trust me you’ll see amazing results.

I advice you to download an application called MYFITNESSPAL so that you can track your calories and macros easily. You can enter whatever goes in your mouth, into the app and it’ll register the calories of that particular thing for the day and that way it’ll be easy for you to stick to your diet goals.

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Not sure if i want to lose any body fat, i do not have much, never had.

you under 20%?

think Im like 22% bodyfat

you’re around 17-18, you look skinny because you have little muscle mass. Also your t levels seems to be low because your body looks soft.

A Body Recomp would fix this, basically eating at maintenance calories and lifting really heavy 4 days a week of full body training (only compound movements and 2 isolation movements)

vint what country do you live in?


what is your forum about? @darwinian_vintologi I saw it once and was not sure what it was