I want your evidence, please!

I see a LOT of talk about statistics in these forums (most notably the “80% of women find men unattractive”).
So, being the nerd that I am, I’d like to see some sources and compile a bunch of data. If you guys could just, help me out and put down the most compelling pieces of evidence that you guys have seen (preferably with links)? Some of y’all have been in this for far longer than I have, and so I’m sure y’all would have some interesting things

You can’t even say it right. It’s “the top 80% of women are only attracted to the top 20% of men.”

Tons of evidence out there… there was some Tinder experiment (which is even worse than irl admittedly).

Visit literally any Incel site and compare the numbers of males and females. Males outnumber females by more than 80/20. So just going by these numbers it seems pretty self-evident to me.

I think this is what you mean.
theres all kinds of stats and figures for it depending on where you go.

the thing is, nobody (that I know of) is sure whether this is a new thing, and women are just jaded. or if women select partners based primarily on other factors. (if it’s just looks, since the dawn of humankind, then there’d be a lot fewer people).

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Thank you! I’ll look into it!

Okay! I’ll check into that Tinder experiment

we are not here to answer for idiots on other forums, but yea we can provide the correct statements

since your question is about hypergamy, see the references section on our wiki page on hypergamy for extensive academic sources

We do not think that women only find the top 20% of men attractive. This is a bastardized belief made by some really stupid incels. The belief is that ~80% of women only give attention to and only compete for the top ~20% of men on online dating and that online dating is becoming the primary mode of daitng. On some sites, it is a lower number than 20%. Men in turn give attention to all women on online dating, which again, is becoming the primary mode of dating. ~80% of men end up competing for the bottom ~20% of women in terms of attractiveness. The numbers are not hard and fast, but they are around those numbers. We have no ideological or religious affiliation with the Pareto principle lol.

The belief and the numbers associated have an origin in and are validated primarily from these two sources, mainly studies of the largest data sets of online daters. If the sources are not convincing, simply doing ones own experiments are easy. Catfishing is very easy on dating apps.

According to data from the How Couples Meet and Stay Together survey, a comprehensive national survey on romantic relationships in the US, ~39% of couples now meet and start relationships) from online services. This has now become the leading way for relationships https://incels.wiki/w/Relationship) to start.



Wow! Thank you for clarifying, I appreciate it


You don’t even any sort of data from dating sites, or anything from a specific study to to confirm this is true. Just go out to a public place and watch people, women especially. Women have no problem showing interest in good looking men, they’re never shy about it, unlike the way we’ve been brainwashed to believe that women are respectful and never give off signals they like a man.

One of my friends is an uber-Chad, movie star good looks; we call him Tom Cruise’s younger better looking brother, dude literally looks like Cruise, but taller and more muscular. I’ve been out with him enough times in public, whether it’s a night club, bar, or a family friendly restaurant. Waitresses, strangers, any heterosexual female make it know that they think he’s hot, and he’s been given phone numbers just about on every occasion we go out, and he’s not doing anything to make a point to get noticed; no interaction with these women whatsoever. He’s actually embarrassed when it happens, but it happens nonetheless.

I get phone numbers but they always ghost and ignore me. In public a woman never told me I was hot (ever since I became older than 18 years old its been downhill.) at most I ever get is a kiss on the cheek or them putting their forehead on my forehead. Last time a woman got sexual with me in public was at least 2 years ago, and only because I was looking really good and fem at the time.

I never get given phone numbers like chad does, I always have to ask for it, then get ghosted.

I have 3-4 women who hit on me online or are just friends. I don’t really understand people very much anymore.

If you want to understand normie behavoirs watch nature documentaries about chimpanzees. Humans are like chimps but worse.


In reality women only find attractive the top 10% of men or less. 30% of men are able to spread their genes due to female autogynephillia and redpill seduction idealogy.