I urgently need advices. I have to produce an art piece fast

Ok, today I decided to create art pieces, because near where I live there is a contemporary art museum that is sometimes organizing contests. And I literally do not know where to start as I am uneducated about art in general, so I will embarass myself but I still want to try something. This is my art-idea.

I use a blank t-shirt, then attach a label to it. The label will be handmade or cut from wood or made of plexi and cut with a Cartesian arm.

To the first label I attach another label with the price of the previous one written on it, because to produce a single label I need time and effort, creativity and a little bit of price design.

I evaluate the cost of my work and in every label I write down the total price of the previous label, forming a chain of labels.

At the end of the chain, I add a link which is the latest label with the total price of the product, whose value will be the sum of all the previous added prices.

This art I called “validation art” and to be considered “art” it will require a buyer to validate it. If no-one buy my product then I failed, if someone will buy it then he will validate my art making me a true artist.

I will also explain this conceptual art product with a giant bullshit philosophical text, which is required in today’s conceptual art ideas.

What do you think about it? Is it good enough for a contemporary art museum? I have seen weird art pieces in such places, for example electrical motors used to move a magnetic pill floating in a bottle, or unprofessional paintings done by idiots. In this museum there are alot of famous pieces so I will not tell you precisely where is it since I live exactly there and you may doxx me easily. Advices are appreciated.

@DarthDva and @maidana are the only two aspergmaxed active users here, so I will tag them because I need fast replies, I have to go ask them if I can partecipate with this idea soon.

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  1. I don’t have Asperger syndrome and I’m feeling personally offended now.
  2. I know nothing regarding modern art (or any other art actually).
  3. Why the heck do you want to become an artist?

I decided today. Because there is this possibility, so why not? Cattelan (contemporary artist) made statues of Hitler and scum creations and now he is rich. So I want to at least try.

Keep in mind that I have not described the complete art piece that I am doing, because I want to keep the good ideas to myself. Someone may steal them.

Pease accept my apologies about the aspergmax thang.

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I think art is one of the least effective ways of becoming rich. Consider the # of rich artists vs # of artists ratio. It’s pretty low. On the other hand, it’s one of the few ways of becoming rich without too much technical knowledge. Perhaps you should just play blackjack instead.

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Blackjack requires to be studied. I will not study art, I just try to compete without an education. If I fail, I lose nothing and maybe have fun trying

Not trying to offend but to be good at art you should try to stop being gay and lust for women. To be really good at art you should become the opposite of gay and be male lesbian. I do not mean to offend any gays, its just andy warhol was bad at art. It was never proven that michaelangelo or da vinci were gays, they were probably bisexual. There are probably some gays here and there who are good at art, for example gays who are attracted to model-tier chads. But gays that are into ogres or soggy betas probably are not going to be good at art. It is scientifically proven that high T males that are lustful for women make better art when they are lusting than they are not lusting. But there are some good things about being gay such as not having to be part of female hypergamy. You should choose which way is right for you.

Now I know on DeviantArt there is a lot of gays good at art. But I believe these gays are more like trans or male lesbians, most of the gay art is femboys which is almost like male lesbians. If you are not appreciative of femboys the art wont be as good.

Also, I do not want gays to change. Gays that are into soggy betas and truecels, you are doing good. Not everyone should be good at art because that means too much competition. You should continue to give sex to truecels and soggy betas so they don’t spread their genes to spread the incel dna. However might I suggest please try to be fem and not truecel or soggy beta looking yourself. Non-gays having to have sex with truecels or soggybeta gays just increases net amount of suffering in the world.

I can try, your idea seems highIQ. I thought about this “male lesbianism” idea and made sense somehow, I think it has something to do with facial attractiveness, if for example you bet everything on facial aesthetics you probably are lesbian.

I am a lifelong artist and this concept sounds great! Would love to see it executed, definitely apply!!