I think I have rejection sensitive dysphoria

There’s a name for it.

Whenever anyone I respect shows even a little negative action towards me my mind starts spiraling into thoughts of despair and turmoil

It’s only with people I respect though. Also was diagnosed with ADD.

Think this is true of a lot of incels perhaps. In that they have an overreaction to negative stimulus. Perhaps their parents tried to frighten and confuse them a lot as a kid at random, which makes them want to seek the positive attention of others, but will be more sensitive to any queues of scariness.

Psychiatry isn’t really a science but behaviors can be mapped to their various categories.

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I haven’t been diagnosed but I’m pretty sure I’ve got ADD too. I’ve walked into oncoming traffic more times than I can count.

And holy shit that article describes me to a tee, literally everything about it, but I always thought it was part of a personality disorder.

I know full well it’s retarded, but it’s not happening on an intellectual or conscious level. That sinking feeling in your chest, the burning sensation in your ears and head, I’m trying not to feel that way but you can’t control it.

And worse still, for me, finding out that someone has other friends feels like a form of rejection. Teacher praising another student is a form of rejection. Even if I wasn’t interested in someone, and never would be in a million years, finding out they got a boyfriend feels like a form of rejection. Whole time I’ve felt like I’m just a possessive sociopath.

Ever since I’ve been consciously aware of it, I’ve simply ghosted and abandoned friendships when I start to feel this way and start having the paranoid delusions that usually accompany it.

Not all my friendships end this way but I would describe them more as “people I’m friendly with”, not friends.

But anyway, thanks for posting this.

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Yeah I can relate. I have performance anxiety. I do miserably at job interviews and things where I know my manager is watching me or grilling me. It sucks because I know the perfect answers but I go blank when someone I have to respect asks me.

“I am terrible and fail at it.”

Always passes interviews

Just like in DSR.

It’s not quite the same

I have performance anxiety too but what’s described is a feeling of heartbreak that occurs in situations where it shouldn’t.

It’s like experiencing the feeling of romantic rejection but in day to day relationships, and romantic rejection itself is like the feeling a normal person would feel during a break-up.

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Wtf are you talking about. I just did a bunch of job applications and interviews

Yes but I mean I can relate/understand

I doubt it but I appreciate the sentiment

I do make an effort to think in other people’s positions and think about how I would feel.

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And? Don’t you already have a job? Why constantly looking for new ones?

My contract ends in July…