I think gender ratios are worse than we think (absolutely shocking poll results)

Out of 75 straight male and female gamers, we have 74 penises and 1 vagina.

This is soul destroying.

unfortunately, most females are obsessed with sex. We can see from search surveys that females mainly search for content about sex, relationships and dating. Males are more interested in science, gaming, sports, philosophy.

Thankfully there are some females out there who are gamer chicks, but unfortunately, they are uncommon.

didn’t read

coz you’re stupid

Lmao, 3 bi ■■■■■ but only 1 “straight” ■■■■, of course.

Boy my account was disabled again so I’m using my last account left. If my account gets deleted again I’m leaving discord for good. saypori#0249 @Restart80


to me this is basically proof that horrible bitches of today really rather would share Chad (“I’m bi teehee”), part of his harem.

Pareto’s 80/20 comes true, it comes true again

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bi females are superior, straight females dont appreciate gaming as much, due to low levels of openness.

why did they ban you in the first place?

Idk but add me on discord. They said my account was targeting people which I never did. I only had like 8 people on my discord. @DarthDva

hmm odd.