"I prefer girls who don't wear makeup"


Seriously though it just seems like a way for people to pick up like hippie women, but hippies don’t exist anymore.


Really putting the femcel memeing into high gear eh?

High quality females often look better without makeup.

i used to see this girl in 2015, we dated for 3 months… trust me her make up was horrible and she looked better without it.

90% of the time girls overdo it and end up looking like walking nude cakes. Thats hideous.

Are u sure? Com’on. There’s still plenty out there. But the hipe has gone…

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Would rather do without makeup tbh, would rather men think this way, but they obviously do not.

Stroking the cock against the milkers of your cunt. Keep thinking… Fuck. I am a bit dry now.

Men who say this are either

A) Virtue signaling
B) Like the “natural” makeup look - in other words wearing makeup that doesn’t look like they’re wearing (a lot of) makeup
C) Freaks who should be stoned

By “stoned” I’m ofc referring to weed and not any type of violence

Somehow we went millions of years fucking women without any makeup whatsoever.

Also it is hardly virtue signaling when virtually no women take it as a compliment.

Oh also, welcome to Incelistan, you have made it far my friend.

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Women used to have facial hair at one point in our evolution and most of that time no one took showers either. Can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube.

Also, they used makeup in ancient times:

this is fine tbh

Yea, but make-up was not around most of the duration of homo-sapien life.

well, make up isn’t really supposed to ‘change features’ just compliment them.
I mean sure, people take it too far, but clothes that are more than one color or design could be lumped into the same idea as make up.
so unless people start wearing mono-color jumpsuits, I don’t see a problem with make up.

Most males don’t. If then they don’t know what they are talking about rlly.

If it made them less cunty then I’d prefer it.

Most males should be wearing makeup instead of being stuck in stone age evolution.

“Patriarchy” is not patriarchy since it doesn’t really support males at all. For instance, with the female collective you have females emotionally supporting each other with relationship help, but with men its basically “every man for himself” with the usual patriarchal advice to “man up”, be more confident, or make more money to redpillmax.

All the patriarchy has done for males is cause war, materialism and excess competition between males. Then there is the new, less traditional patriarchy which does give some form of emotional support to celibate males, in the same vein as “support by proxy” or “misery loves company” youtube content, or on the other end of the spectrum, self-help pick yourself up by bootstraps advice.

That is not to say that feminism is helpful to men either, feminism fails to address the critical issues like hypergamy and often gaslights “toxic masculinity” and thus removes female responsibility from causation.

Don’t think I’ve ever heard this said IRL, mostly just on thirsty instagram comments.


I like gayish men to look at. Wouldn’t start a relationship with them tho.

anti-male sentiment. Saddens me that a trans-woman of all people would advocate for the restrictions of normie male gender conformity.

a lot of males look good with makeup, why does everyone automatically visualize the most ogre-tier boomer men when they think of men in makeup?

generally speaking, chads, high-tier normies and fem males look good in makeup.

obviously DNA assistance will be given to those males less fortunate.

Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of gays don’t wear makeup.