I’m a pedocel + poorcel

That adults shouldn’t be having sex with 16 year olds. At that age it’s too big of an age gap. If you want a younger girl wait till they turn 18. It’s there for a reason to prevent adults from taking advantage of what is still a minor. It’s a big difference of power. There isn’t really a reason for an adult to go after a 16 year old. It’s a big predator red flag that I wish I knew when I was 16. There could be an exception for up to 20 because in high school you could be 20 or 21 in a special case and still be in high school either finishing it or upgrading courses. So I’m sure there are people-in fact I know there are people who are dating with that 4 year age gap in high school. It happens. But I think In the early years of dating age gaps aren’t good because the 2 individuals are in too different of places. Age gap doesn’t matter as much as an adult because where they are in life is usually closer and emotionally they are more mature. You can’t say for a second 16 year olds are emotionally mature.

I believe in consent. Not letting 14 year old choose who they fuck is a consent violation.

If a 14 year old boy wants to fuck a 25 year old supermodel female, they should be allowed.

If they are too young, such as pre-puberty, they cannot make informed consent and should be told what to do by the State.

Teenagers are in many ways more rational than adults.

traditional conservatives have been tryna ban teenagers having sex with each other since the dawn of civilization

I’d recommend you date the petite 18, 19 year olds that are into you because of your height. I know it’s easy to judge others for what they are into; but I will tell you there is NO truly safe space to share what you seem to be into. My intent is not to hurt you, or dismiss your dilemma, but pre-pubescent girls that’s a Big NO NO to put it simply. The damage that would do to a child is beyond repair; and would likely allow you to slip into a pattern of behavior if you saw them as an option. Please take care of yourself and try to never act on those urges.

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Having sex with pre-pubescent people is wrong, and will cause them damage because men are ugly. It still causes adult women damage but they are raised on whorish american TV media as c ope. Most states in america has aoc laws of 16 years of age, you should try to find 16 year olds in order to reduce your pedoness. Contrary to mainstream delusion, 16 is not pedo but hebe and will help you return to normalcy.

Tradcucks and leftists want to raise aoc by 1 year every year, they will want to eventually raise aoc to 21 then eventually 30, that is before they ban sex altogether.

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A lot of pedocels and people who love Asia womben are here. I do not judge harshly, I do not kinkshame people.

I fap to bestiality porn so I don’t have moral ground to judge others