I’m a pedocel + poorcel

Hi. I’m 23, In a dead end cleaning job and self confessed pedocel. 6’3” tall but have a skinny frame. I don’t watch cp. I only jerk off to clothed or bikini photos of girls. I actually have young girls that hit on me but I am too nervous and scared to go anywhere with them. My life would be complete hell if I went to jail as an incel. I can’t attract girls over 18 what so ever, I think young girls like my height. I have tried to kill these urges by doing no fap and Finasteride and my drive never ends. I normally fap 4 times in a row. I find clothed girls around 9 to 13 most attractive to the point that a plain photo of a model preteen is more of a turn on than a hot babe in a porno. It’s over I know, I’m incel and a pedo. Can it get any worse.

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Hello and welcome. Seems like a tough position to be in. Never had those thoughts myself.

Here is our rules section, which includes no discussion of illegal activity

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I would severely suppress those urges my man, it’s nice talking about hot little sixteen year old cheerleaders however you don’t want to go to jail or prison either.

Go for the eighteen year olds.

If you must, flirt with a seventeen year old and then rob her virginity on her eighteenth birthday. [That’s one fantasy of mine.]

Of course that assumes if there is a lot of seventeen year old female virgins still in existence, probably not anymore.

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Avoid talking about your pedo tendencies online for your own safety.

You should contact a psychologist asap, but first you must learn what can and cannot be told in a terapy session.

Last but not least, be strong!

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You’d be surprised the things I’ve been told in a therapy session…

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In a prison, unlikely…


Yeah more than what I really needed to know and for some reason guys love to tell me this shit when I’m eating.

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Living on the streets I’ve heard all kinds of crazy shit over the years. Probably comparable to your prison experiences.


Well I have to talk to them about their offences and risks ect so a lot comes up there. Then the therapy part a lot comes out. And then there’s just extra things I didn’t need to know. And the sexual fetishes I didn’t need to know either.

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Men get bored very easily, you’re their entertainment basically.


Yeah Im well aware.

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Don’t be c.ucking and c.oping now.

Females get bored way more easily especially when it’s so easy to replace one male for another.

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In most parts of america its legal to have sex with 16 year olds, however the OP said he lusts for 9 year olds. Having sex with 9 year olds is illegal, as it should be, intercourse might damage their bodies also. If a woman hasn’t gone through puberty, and doesn’t have formed boobs, it should be illegal. But if a 15 year old has giant D cup boobs it should be legal, anything else is cuckery.

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Adult females hate low AOC and it is not for any reason other than they don’t want to compete with younger females. They want it 21+ to maintain their SMV stranglehold and force male incels to suffer even more.

The older the female, the higher they’ll want AOC to be. A single 40 year old female would ban sex with under 30 females if she could.

That said, there is definitely an objective limit set by nature. It cannot be considered anything other than an aberration to be attracted to 9 year olds, and the legal age should be no lower than the point at which, scientifically and statistically, 100% of females (99% if counting severe disorders that prevent puberty altogether) are sexually matured. Everything else is just subjective, politically motivated bull shit.

The laws should never be universal, it should be case by case. Anything else is cuckery.

For instance, 14 year old boys should be able to legally consent to having sex with a 30 year old playboy model if they so choose, without her getting into legal repercussions from the almighty state.

Obviously some limits should be drawn, we can’t have crazy 11 year olds going around getting pregnant even if they consent to it.

Historically it was the norm of fifteen to sixteen year old women getting married off to adult men for thousands of years right up to the 18th century, the laws that exist today is primarily cultural ones not natural ones as authority constantly redefines what adulthood or sexual permissibility really is. It’s basically cultural authority versus evolutionary biological nature.

With that being said, avoid the younger than eighteen year old crowd of females as it is a quick way to end up in jail or prison these days. I’ve known a lot of dudes over the years who have had their entire life fucked up because they couldn’t resist the temptation of young pussy, the consequences alone just aren’t worth it. Befriend a sixteen or seventeen year old waiting until they turn eighteen if you must but don’t be stupid about it.


This is in Canada? The courts must be even more fucked up than I thought since they aren’t following their own laws.


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I think you are not an incel because young girls hit on you. which is pretty good.

I support it. Adults shouldn’t be having sex with people under 16…when your 16 a 2 year age gap is a lot. When I was 16 I had no experience and dating someone 2 years older was too much of a gap. I ended up dating someone 5 years older right after and he was definitely a predator looking to take advantage. The relationship was abusive and caused me to loose faith in men. I’m tired of people saying oh well you picked him, guess your personality detector was broken, ect. At 16/17 I didn’t know what a relationship was supposed to look like. I didn’t know how I should be treated. I kept thinking it wasn’t working because something was my fault. I didn’t know that if I said no but it happened it was rape. I didn’t know how to say no most of the time, even if it hurt. Most importantly I didn’t know how to end it, so it went on for years.

Support what, exactly?

I was commenting on the fact that males get in trouble for pursuing DSR with 16-17 year olds, or at least there’s a huge social stigma, even though the AOC is actually 16.

This while everything else goes. More gay pride parades than ever and being gay is seen as perfectly normal. We live in a society now where it’s considered less abhorrent to be gay than to be attracted to 16 year old females lmao.