I like this artist

I have alot to go before I start getting proficient in krita. Hope artists like this will help me grow.

best one is this

Too simple for me. The grass is drawn like turkey hands and the rust spots seem off.
I guess I have too high standards, I expect Makoto Shinkai style photorealism when it comes to photorealism.

If you want photorealism just take a photo then!

You sound like the jews who banned hitler from art college. If hitler was never banned from art college then ww2 never would have happened and millions of lives could have been saved. Really an underrated painter.

im not sure if you are antisemetic or not, my goal is not to offend you, so to clarify i am not actually saying you are or are not a jew just acting unfairly towards this great piece of art.

my main criticism of this piece is it looks like they may have photoshopped it, 10/10 if they did not.

Krita is unironically dope