I landed here

I landed here after being rejected by a girl i was interested yet again.
Everything just feels so hopeless. My cis friends keep trying to help me so that girls will like me but nothing works. They just dont get it. Im FtM and one year on T and three weeks post op from top surgery. Maybe im just falling back into depression but my family isnt taking my depression serious anyway so what diffrence does it make anymore.
Im just hoping to talk i guess

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welcome, how did you find us?

theres a number of people in your situation here. do you think its because of your looks? Are you overweight? I personally think FTMs can have it tough



And welcome to being male. The life ahead of you is going to be very tough.

welcome to incelistan, Dan (wasn’t trying to rhyme).
sorry to hear about your depression. you can talk freely here.
not everyone is nice, but it doesn’t mean the rest of us wont listen.

Welcome. I hope things get better for you, but if they don’t, we’re all here for you. There are other trans-cels here if you’re interested, including @Chvorka , @NEETvacation and @IMthegirlfriendnow .

Welcome, how is it going?

Welcome Dan. Since you were born as a female, you’ll have a couple white knights on here following you around laughing at everything you post and gassing you up, hoping to get some Internet action. You have it easy over here my friend.

Enjoy your stay here

Can you comment on any accuracy of this comic?

we saw this comic on this forum before right?
(I know I saw it somewhere, but not sure if it was here)
I ask because that’s just the thumbnail. and I think Dan would need the original, in order to comment on it.

There ya go

ah good. thank you.

The FTM transsexuals dont last long on here for whatever reason.

However that whole situation is endlessly fascinating.