I have a feeling i am about to bite the dust

It’s soon over even for me. When i was younger i got nudes from girls and one even masturbated via skype without me asking for it.

That no longer happens even though i got better pictures of me now, i have lost motivation and my looks are deteriorating.

Only thing that might save me is my 7.7×6.2 dick but i need to figure out how to utilize that advantage better.

I had the same experince. I think the demographcs and behavours of people on online dating has changed over the years. In the good old days, you would get the rebel types, it was basically a place for outcasts. Was awesome. Then it got more mainstream. Lots of people, fairly nice people. Then it turned into a warzone. Heightism, catshes etc… Like many things platforms start off good and then turn crappy as they loose their unique identity and start to get corrupted by misuse. Just look at most nightclubs, same thing happens. Find a new place opening (coffeeshop or whatever) and try to make friends there. Before an interesting set is formed in that community you will be able to add some it’s character. But try to make lasting friends before it becomes too popular and much of a muchness or a status symbol to been seen there, or ‘exclusive’ etc… It’s the circle of life, you will see many digital platforms get good then boring then shity then die before you do. Apart from Incelistan of course! :wink: [if you’ve feeling very confident that part of your character can actually boost the success of a coffeeshop in it’s early life, buy shares in it and sell when the police have to get involved when all the ‘popular’ people start causing coke enduced mayhem. Coke heads love nostagia for places were they were super high(basic conditioning) and everyone was cool, until they have a psychotic break and realise they were’nt and/or the cool ones left ages ago.In short, if you want an angel, make a heaven, but make sure you both move on when the twats hear about it.

I no longer have the energy to socialize in the real world, i did that a lot when i was younger.

Maybe i need to get better sleep so i will stop being tired all the time, i keep waking up in the middle of the night.

Let me help you out here

Start working out. Once you do, your hormonal levels will be optimized. Especially your testosterone levels which will automatically make you 10x more charming and confident.

In short just go lift. And see the difference. When you start feeling good about yourself, the girls will automatically come.

I have tried getting that going but it just doesn’t happen.

I have done weightlifting in the past and i really liked the feeling of it, not sure why i am not doing it now.

Everyone should weightlift tbh tbh

it feels like my health is in general decline tbh as well

I need to get better weights, just did some quick lifting, i have not lost any strength which is nice.

I hate gyms, training at home is way better.


It has always been impossible in my experience. But as I get older my age alone seems to attract women in their early 20s lol

I seriously doubt testosterone is positively correlated with confidence

It is

That’s why all high test level men are more successful in life. And can approach chicks without being nervous



could be true though

testosterone makes people more shy around women, it boosts sex drive

this is an artificial effect, in nature this does not happen as profoundly, the testosterone shyness is a result of feminism and sex-negativity in society. in nature it happens in some traditional and tribal societies, with white-knight values, however it is not to the ridiculous extreme that it is in 2019