I hate women

I don’t understand why a man is supposed to date ugly women. Better to die alone, rot, have nurses put out cigarettes on your skin while you lay down on a bed in hospital rather than be with a damn woman.

Ugly lowstatus bums are lucky because they don’t live with a disgusting woman. If you are alone and currently rotting, you are lucky because some men married the disgusting woman

I feel you, just saw a girl sucking a guys dick while walking. But kind of numb at this point.

No the post is heavily edited. I was talking about females called with the “R” word

you are a 9/10 looks male who believes 7/10 looks females are 2/10. no offense but you are probably a homosexual


R word rape?

R0ast-beef, a loose vagina, very unpleasant to see, with a dirty stench and slimy mold on it, distasteful and puke-inducing.

It’s a synecdoche memetic word we incels use to fight back against female oppression, and here this word is forbidden because it is niceguys forum, so we act as we are defeated only to stab feminists on their backs. Fuck them and their anti-incel shaming tactics.

Ew that sounds so disgusting. Is that all u have?

Nurses putting out cigarettes on me sounds like kinky happy sexy time, tbh. I don’t really want her to do that, but it’s probably better than nothing.