I hate divorce scammed fathers

They hate incels like me and show no respect for incel issues. It is like in HS, the fucking workers wanted us high-schoolers to join their protest once, so to lose a day of school we did that, because why not? Then we asked for help for our own struggles in school and got nothing in return. Same is for MGTOW and divorce-clucked people, they show no respect for our incel struggles yet they ask for help constantly, they want us to act in their help, but give nothing in return.

If they do not support us, then we do not support their causes, there is not a hierarchy of “most important issues”. I have my issues and the divorce clucked fathers have theirs, if I decide their issues are worthless to me they receive no help from my side, and same is the opposite. So it is better to cooperate. We give help to defeat feminists and the clucked scumbags fathers help us solve our incel issues. If not done in this way then I will forever support feminism for the raping of MGTOW and MRA men, because they ignore and ridicule my issues, deride my losses and spread anti-incel nonsenses.

And besides that, if you marry a f3minoid you are dumb, sub 100 IQ, you deserve to be punished just for that, you scumbag, die piece of shit.

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