I got a fan on YouTube lol


Notice in 2020 era if you’re a musician or something or put yourself out there on YouTube with something to say, only you will get other men applauding you and respecting you never women.

Just the way things be :pensive:


Hmm wonder why.

Guy makes song in bedroom, no studio equipment, no studio microphone, no studio acoustics, with singing voice that wouldn’t be approved in the first round by Simon Cowell, then wonders why they are not rock star with thousands of female fans.

Lol R.I.P

No I didn’t wonder that.

Also even if I did have music with all that stuff you said I doubt there would be any women admirers probably, again, a bunch of dudes. Like ‘whoa, good job bro’

Hello guy, I’m new here. I’m not sure how to start a new topic, so I’ll just reply to some topics for now.

Well, I’ve made some YouTube videos too. I made videos of my own custom made Dating Website Automation software. I made this software that goes on 3 different dating websites, and clicks Like and Sends messages to every female.

You can see the videos if you go to YouTube and search for “UCv1lDJ0tFVwzTJkbTNo_i3Q” and you will get my channel called “dating websites do not work”

The videos have a link to my website in the description. I made a whole website describing my horrible life and my terrible luck in dating.

I hope people watch my video and can relate that Dating Websites Don’t Work.


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welcome :slight_smile:

Hey there. You can embed videos right here in posts. I look forward to checking em out

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