I feel like you could have been nicer to me

Could you imagine being privileged enough where you could make fake videos for social media clout with your SO?

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Idk if they are fake tbh I think some might be real reactions

Looks hella fake to me tbh

Females are fake, nothing groundbreaking here.

The reactions of the males are pretty fake to me

A lot looks real

Na they’re wearing headphones but still are hearing their gf when she is talking to them? That doesn’t seem real to me.

Yeah. I can hear with head phones on. That’s pretty normal to still hear. It’s only turds that blast music that can’t hear.

Still they look that they would have wait for their performance. Most wouldn’t listen especially while gaming(I probably wouldn’t too first tbh).

Idk I’ve been around guys gaming. They notice if I walk in the room.

They never noticed me first :laughing: I don’t blame them tho.
I think the last one was funny btw.

Yeah but usually it’s just to say “don’t you dare walk in front of me”