I don't smile in selfies, anyone else do the same?

So does anyone not smile in their selfies, or just in photos in-general? Cause I dont for many reasons: fucked up teeth, depression, also because in my opinion, I believe that smiling shows weakness and it makes people most likely to use you for stuff

But those are just my thoughts

I don’t either. I don’t really like my teeth. I had braces as a teen then had my wisdom teeth out a few years ago and my teeth shifted a bit. I might get braces again idk yet.

I don’t because I hate faking things. If I’m not happy, I won’t smile. If I am not happy when a photo is being taken, it is hard to smile. (An exception to this is through jokes/laughter, which can bypass it for a few seconds).

Usually I’m not very happy, hence usually not smiling.

When I fake smile I look like that old man from dead inside meme.

People made fun of me so I just gave up smiling in pics (selfies or otherwise).

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I rarely take photographs of myself and when I do it is mostly dick pics.

I generally don’t smile in life.

Lol, people (mainly family) tell me I look like a serial killer when I fake smile.

If taking a picture, “Smile, and not the serial killer version.”

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People say exactly the same to me. It’s so annoying!


I fucking hate normies.

When you have to sit and take insults or jokes at your expense from the likes of people with inferior intelligence.


Normies have the usual mental attention span of flies but like going around parroting mainstream talking points like they’re so smart or intelligent, in reality they have absolute zero authentic intelligence of their own. They wouldn’t know how to do shit if others weren’t around them to tell them what to do or how to think.

We are reaching global peak idiocy that the world has never seen before, be very afraid lads.

tenor (15)

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I do a duckface