I despise romance or love musical songs

Seriously, I fucking hate love or romance songs with a passion.

Every time I hear one being played it’s like somebody scratching a chalkboard with their finger nails.

With males singing it’s usually some ■■■■■■ piece of shit singing about his undying love for a woman and I think to myself that if he ever loses his job or income the bitch will ghost him the very next day.

With females singing it’s usually about her wanting an upstanding Mr. Do Right guy that is sensitive, emotional, and nice caring about her feelings when in reality here vagina is a card key slider where men slide their credit or debit cards through where only after that in payment is she willing to sexually w-hore herself out.

All love or romance songs in music are fake and gay, none of it mirrors reality whatsoever. It’s all 100% fake and contrived bullshit.

Every time I hear a love or romance song being played I want to take a power drill between my ears becoming intentionally deaf as a result.

Exhibit A. as prime example below.

the dislike for romance songs is understandable.

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Make it stop! Make it stop! Make it all stop!

I know how you feel cos it used to be me. Belinda Carlyle’s ‘Heaven is a place on Earth’ used to make me feel particularly depressed

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I always hear shit like that being played by my dad.

He just drowns himself in cucky music. You want to like it but at the same time are aware it is bull shit.

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it would be interesting if you provided some examples of songs he likes.

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