I declare this site a virtual mental hospital

I am now the warden

You have to answer to me for drinks and snacks

Pretty much

nice now I never have to go to an actual mental hospital again

I have the remote control and no one can use it

hey look I’m stepping outside the boundaries, who’s gonna put me back in?

Shit security tbhtbh

Is this like a free to leave hospital, like can I leave and come back?

Hospitals, including mental hospitals, only serve unnatural foods, therefore are not healthy.

I need my meds.

ok just wait in line please, I"m finishing with another person

good evening radishman, you look quite nice today with your hair up like that
I have your afternoon dose of zyprexa 100mg and Valium 20mg and Adderall 10mg

You have the legal right to refuse the medication,
in which case you need to sign the form below

@NEETvacation please leave some crackers for the rest of the forum

he’s not giving the remote to anyone nurse


* __ *


here’s the remote