I Cheated on My Boyfriend with My Rapist


Well not about the cheating part because obviously that’s bad.

But the rape part makes sense. It’s a complicated thing and something that I struggle with too. It’s hard to call it what it is sometimes because I for example don’t want to be a “victim” I think I’m a smart and strong women so saying I’ve been raped doesn’t make me feel smart or strong. It makes me feel weak and stupid which is why I don’t really call it what it was either. I think some of it is like Stockholm syndrome and wanting to gain control of a situation to make it seem less scary.

It’s the worst possible way to deal with the problem.

She identified her rapist and thought:

“well why don’t I make out with that bad boy while my stupid boyfriend waits for me right in the next room”

This is wrong in so many levels.

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Yeah but it’s complicated. I went back to my attacker too. Many times. I loved him. Until things changed. But even then I couldn’t press charges.

Well… I won’t say anything about your specific case because I know nothing about it and it’s surely a sensible topic for you.

Well kind of. I can relate to it. But it doesn’t always make sense.