I believe that any guy who is getting casual sex, is paying for it

I really don’t buy this myth that women just fuck chad for free. I think the big secret that people aren’t telling incels is any guy who is getting no strings attached sex, is paying for it. It may not be overtly as in he asks her ‘‘how much do you want?’’, but ultimately he is letting her live with him for free (If in a FWB), or he takes her shopping, buys her shit, and probably just outright gives her money. Seeking arrangement dating apps are booming right now, and ironically these are the only apps which don’t have bad reviews. When women have non commital sex, they want to be paid for it. You think guys like Dan Bilzerian are fucking those models for free? or even having them hang out with him for free? doubt it. Even guys in LTR’s are paying for it. He needs to be benefitting her in some major way or he aint getting laid.

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Dude its possible to fuck for free I do it all the time bro.

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It looks as if an alpha has joined our website boys to tell us how we’re doing it all wrong.

As I keep reminding everybody here, a woman’s sexuality is purely monetary, transactional, and economic.

It revolves around a sexual market dynamic much like any common street prostitute or hooker where for women sexual relationships are purely transactional. There is no love, romance, or any of that idealistic bullshit, there’s only transactions.

You’re paying for that enjoyment of pussy one way or another.

If a guy gets married all he has essentially done is signed a life contractual agreement with a single prostitute for life in exchange of giving her an upper middle class lifestyle for life within the hopes of her bearing his future children or offspring. That’s it, no magic, love, or romance involved.

I don’t understand why a majority of other men have a hard time understanding this.

In the post modern world a woman’s vagina is purely a social economic utility to be bought and traded for in exchange by men. Women are emancipated so they can independently ascribe their own going rates, prices, and surcharges. Cash or credit motherfuckers?

Dude, do a Chadfish Tinder experiment. But brace yourself… For the fuel will be suicide injected indeed

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They might let him get a few fux for free, but its on credit and is accruing interest.

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I like calling that effect pussy on loan or pussy on layaway. You’re right, there is always accumulating interest with such arrangements as monetary payment is expected eventually.

GIgachads don’t have to pay for sex.


Yes, they really do. All men pay for sex and a woman’s companionship in one form or another.

Lol no, women approach gigachads on tinder.

In 2018 I had sex for free. AMA

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What does AMA mean? You people and your acronyms.

Ask Me Anything

Ok. Tell me about this sexual escapade of yours.


I already told this story, but whatever, I’m telling it again.

I had a match in a random dating app with a 5/10 33 y/o woman. I sent a message saying I was horny and lonely. She was very receptive and sent me her home address. I went there (I have a car) and took her to some pubs near her home. We drank together and talked a lot. She was very depressed and incredibly desperate for attention from men. After some time I asked her to spend the night at my home, she accepted.
Reaching my home we went to my bed and started making out. Unfortunately my dick didn’t got hard (I was so nervous), I made oral sex as a “compensation” but it didn’t work very well because we were too embarrassed, so we just slept together.
Next morning when we woke up I finally got a boner and we had the sex I was looking for.


U are a chad.

Alright, we’re going to need more information to unpack this.

What was your occupation at the time? What kind of clothes did you wear? Was it casual or did you go all out?

What was your yearly income at the time?

At any point of the get together did she ask you about your job, income, and what you do for a living? What was her job, occupational, and economic background? Was she working class, upper middle class, or wealthy? Young girl, middle aged, or older?

What kind of vehicle were you driving?

What does your residence look like? Is it a trailer, apartment, house, or condo?

Also, what kind of pubs was it? Lower working class, upper middle class, or high end luxury environment? How much money did you spend on her before the night was over before the oral sex and morning fuck the following day? Did she try to contact you again after the encounter?

I need this information to make my overall assessment.

I’m overweight, under 6 feet and socially awkard. No way I’m a Chad.

Software developer.

Jeans pants and flannel shirt, iirc. Nothing fancy.

We don’t get paid in dollars here so saying my numbers would be meaningless. What I can say is that I paid for everything we consumed without any worries.

My job, yes. Didn’t ask about my income.

Poor, working class, unemployed at the time.

33 years old.

An old but relatively comfy vehicle for our standards (I’m in a 3rd world country). My car isn’t bad but it definitely doesn’t attract girls.

House. A nice one imho. Not big, but good looking.

Upper middle class. It’s not the place I personally feel comfortable in, but the girl wanted to go there, so…

I estimate that I spent the equivalent to what I made in a full day of work (8h) with my salary at the time.

Yes, multiple times, but I refused to meet her again.

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So by all accounts you’re a wealthy software developer that lives in a third world country that has a middle class lifestyle economically.

Okay, do you still think she would of been interested in you if you were a dirt poor laborer?

Out of curiosity, why did you cut contact with her after this social engagement? What was your reasoning?

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Very unlikely. She wants to have kids so bad, so she was looking for a father for her future kids. A young man with decent income was perfect for her. A poor laborer isn’t a good provider…

First, I’m not interested in becoming father right now, I have other plans for my life.

Second, she was absurdly jealous. I mean jealous in a level that can be considered a mental illness or something. The last thing I need in my life is a toxic woman controlling all my steps.

For these two reasons I decided to never meet her again despite the fact that she would provide me as much sex as I’d like.

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