Hypergamy is actually created by traditionalists banning sex among teenagers

After all if you are a teenage woman, and a teenage man has sex with you, then you are both ‘immoral’. If an older man has sex with you then only he is ‘immoral’!

Also older females are excused for having sex with teen males.

Interesting post coming from someone who wants to ban all teenagers though.

tables deleted my post, he goin full fascist on these boards

first of all, normies do not “excuse” females when they are caught having sex wtih teen males, they rage about it too.

Do they? Whenever we see news about teachers fucking their chad students all the commentary is not about they should be in jail/castrated like if it was a male doing it, but women actually claiming it’s the male’s fault for it or dudes joking about why it couldn’t have happened to them.

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all i hear is outraged normies when they find out a female teacher was sleeping with a male student.

the only people ive ever seen who are even slightly based about it is the leftist guy on young turks, who says, lets be honest, most teenage male fantasy is to have sex with hot adult women.

if a male is gay, they gay. consent should always be adhered to, weak betas and gays that hate having sex with hot adult women, should not be doing that. for the rest of males, i dont see what the issue really is.

This is what happens when it is assumed there are NO differences between males and females. It’s a distortion of reality.

This is why people blame us for being incel, all while failing to recognize how we are different from females and that we are incel primarily because we are born XY. It has very little to do with anything wrong we did.

The inverse of this is true as well. Females, especially young ones, thinking it is an accomplishment to get a boyfriend. When in reality, they play on God mode. How did they attain this advantage? By doing absolutely nothing, except for being shat out their mother’s vagina as an XX.

There is no escaping the truth and reality. Radical Individualists think it is all about individual choices, that the group you belong to does not even matter in the slightest. No better than Radical Collectivists that believe you have zero agency and no individual accountability for your actions. The reality is both of these have always mattered.

Incels completely shatter the narrative of not just feminism and the oppressive patriarchy, but also that males and females cannot be equal. This is why they are considered so dangerous.

it takes effort to find a boyfriend. It’s actually hard for any gender to establish relationships.

As much effort as it takes us to add fries to our order on the McDonalds app.

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It takes effort to find a Chad, maybe. By definition there aren’t many to go around, after all.

I have a 15 year old sister that claims to have been asked out by dozens of guys already. Only reason she isn’t in DSR is because my mom would flip about her having a bf until she’s at least 16. She also made fun of me with “I’ll have a bf before you even have a gf and you’re 27” as if it’s an accomplishment, or somehow my fault as an individual for not having been able to at her age.

It takes no effort. You literally just sit there and wait for males to fall from the sky, and then you pick one. So stunning and brave.

Don’t think anyway actually believes that though


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The main difference between genders is looks and that, because of looks, females get way more social sexual validation than men.

Feminists would downplay that of course in order to maintain their female privileges.

Naa since when is sex between teens immoral? As long as no one gets pregnant and it is not ‘too much’(sleeping woth a whole school class for example).

Well as a society the culture shames adult females who sleep with teen males. Some of the women are even driven to self harm.

Personally I believe pedophillia is wrong, but sleeping with teens is hebephilia not pedophillia. I believe in consent as well. So if its rape it is wrong, but if the teen gives consent there shouldn’t be hysteria about it. Obviously a line must be drawn somewhere, anyone under 13 should be offlimits, 13 was the traditional aoc in a lot of European countries, Asian nations and Japan.

This has changed in recent times due to the christian/feminist nun conspiracy. They go to asian countries and try to disrupt their culture and brainwash them with nun and western ideals. Then people start normalizing the nunnery.