Human species

Looks like antibiotics are going to really ruin our healthcare and cause a pandemic. If only humans weren’t such polluters and meat eaters.

Good thing Dva is in charge of society. Oh wait, Dva is not incharge of society, normies are.
Well, at least high iq aspergers run our politics. Oh wait, high iq aspergers are not in charge of politics. Hmm.

Eating meat has been working for us since the start. Why should we change now?

Did you watch the video?

Eat pussy instead

Is that an invitation?

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Dogs only

:dog: woof woof


That was my reaction…

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I love dogs just as much as cats. Animal abuse must stop.

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I’m just kidding. I don’t have any pets, not for that reason but I don’t. I like rats though. I want a pet rat just afraid of them trying to crawl in my mouth when I give them a kiss :kissing_closed_eyes: xD

Do u eat meat?

Not much. I used to be vegetarian but I have health complications with low iron and diabetes so I’m suppose to eat more protein.

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Aww that’s so sad my friend has diabetes and I try to help her as much as possible. She has diabulimia. Giveeeeee me tips on how to support her because I’m gonna try to be her stay at home nurse for the summer once I leave treatment. :slight_smile: but nvm about what I was gonna say before cause I was gonna say if u ate meat, that kind of supported animal abuse but whatever. ( sorry for writing so much ):

Yeah I know. I usually eat a lot of pasta, rice and breads but I can’t do that anymore. Carbs are bad for diabetes.

Eating disorders are not my specialty. Tbh I don’t really have the patience for eating disorders, same with gambling and sex addictions. I like forensic psychiatry and chemical addictions. But if she has diabetes it’s important they eat healthy and maintain their blood sugar. If the blood sugars not maintained it can lead to severe problems with kidney, liver, and the pancreas. I would suggest they go to a diabetic education and health clinic as well as treat the eat disorder.

Tbh tbh I am mentally ill so I always talk about my eating disorder, half of it is a hope that’ll it’ll make me sicker if I keep talking and thinking about it. I’ll definitely try to keep that in mind when I’m her nurse. :slight_smile:

HighIQ aspergmaxed people are in favor of meat eating

i dont know the statistics on that either way.