How to resize text


tell me

I don’t know if I got your question right, but let me give it a try:

Go to your profile page, go to Preferences tab, go to Interface item, select the desired size in the Text Size combobox, click Save Changes button.

no i mean font size lol

  • [size=SIZE] : set the size of text
  • [font=FACE] : set the font face for text
  • [color=COLOR] : set the color of text [/li]
  • [bgcolor=COLOR] : set background color of text
  • [highlight] : Highlight text
  • [small] : Make text very small
  • [aname=NAME] : create an anchor in your document with a name
  • [jumpto=NAME] : jump to anchor created with aname

bbcode basically

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Oh he meant text formatting… I thought he wanted to change font size system-wide.

I dont like being called “he”.

ok zoomer

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not a zoomer but ok