How to pick up chicks

If you are a male trying to pick up chicks, here is how.

Find straight men, and try to flirt sexually. They will be disgusted by your approach, just like most women are. They may even physically attack you, or tell the local authority, just as a woman would do. Women are as disgusted by men as men are. This is a helpful learning experience. If you tell a straight man you are rich and have 2,500,000 dollars suddenly that man wants to ride in your limousine.

The goal is not to have sex with straight men. But to simply realize that if you have the power to seduce a straight man, then you might finally have the power to seduce a woman.

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this movie is black pilled.

Not all women are like this, only 99% or so.


“When a woman tells you she loves you, she’s just in the moment.”

“I had one swear up and down she loved me. The next week, it was gone. For no particular reason.”

Well that pretty much sums it all up.

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A few years ago that happened to me also.

Women definitely want some types of men. Usually they are white, 6’2, have quirky hipster tattoos, have good fashion and are athletic and lean. These types of men probably bang like 100 women a month.

doubt it, its kinda over-ish for chads.

This isn’t a chad, more like a hipster knock off that sub 5 girls go for.

Either way, hipster or chad, this isn’t the planet where they have sex with 100 women a month.
Gigachads of this world probably have sex with like 4 or 5 different women a month.

Like I don’t think you can just get laid easily by wearing tattoos and losing weight.

thats true. I think you need money to get laid, women have a prostitute-esque sexuality.

one of the theories in my head about womens attraction is they have been brainwashed to like a certain type of man, which was inflenced by gay men in hollywood. Gay men in hollywood put in their idealized man that they are attracted too, which women then become attracted to that because women want men who are successful and have high status. Also gay men basically started body building culture and it was because gay men found it attractive originally.

“Loves you” .

Explain this.

A valid point.

That pic is a love of cock. Some women (not all) are sexually attracted to penis and/or the idea of being dominated and pleasuring men. Just not attracted to most men’s facial features. That is why most men have to get girl’s drunk to get laid.

how is this pic not explained by money? or if by the pic you mean the not porn version, then it still is money motivated. It’s not the guy that has money in that case, but the government.

yes money can enhance and increase feelings of autogynephillia yes. The promise of lucrative cash makes some women’s brains go into temporary whorage mode, when money enters the picture, rational mind shuts down, becomes hazy and drooling with an all consuming lust for cock.

Similary to how some men, will work jobs they hate, like mcdonalds, just for a few bux. Some men will actually pretend they like working those kinds of jobs and shame yang supporters for not wanting to work at those jobs.

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Most of them.

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Who knows who or what they are attracted to, and who cares? All you need to know is that it isn’t you. Gives me a headache just thinking about the insanity of the female brain.

Everyone knows what women are attracted to. Femboys and gigachads.

If you are gigachad then 20% of women will be attracted to you. If you are chad 10% of women will be attracted to you. If you are femboy 5% of women will be attracted to you.

If you are not any of those things then women will never make the first move. You will not experience what its like to feel wanted and lusted for. You will have to read seduction books and money max in order to get a girl to feel autogynephillia for herself enough to let you fuck her.

The idea of a woman walking up to you, grabbing you by your tie and throwing you on the bed will only happen if you are a gigachad or femboy. If you are an average joe, you will have a life of chasing money and reading seduction books and finding drunk women to convince to have sex with you. This is the sad existence of the average male.

Many women claim they are disgusted by penis or asexual about diks. As for dominating, most women want to be only dominated by chads, others accept domination from redpill males with confidence or bluepills who have bux.