How to get laid and to get a girlfriend

Rather than bitching and crying about how all hope is lost, I’d like to share my guide to getting laid and getting a girlfriend.

First off it helps to be in an environment where there are a lot of age appropriate prospective sexual partners like at a University or in a downtown area in a big city. Start with going to university, getting a good job, and moving to a big city for work.

Next be hyper social. If you’re in university go to a lot of clubs and crash lots of parties (it helps to be in a frat or have a friend who is in a frat). For some people alcohol is a big help but don’t overdo it (I used to always set a drink maximum for a night and stick to it). As an adult in a city I used to go to a lot of events on and . I also was on like five different dating apps at any one time - Tinder, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, OkCupid, Facebook dating, etc. You just keep putting yourself out there, chatting people up, and trying. If your dating profile sucks you can get help from a friend with photos and text or even hire a professional to do things like review your profile (there are dating coaches and services like ).

If you’re socially awkward a good book that helps and provides exercises is “Rules of the Game” by Neil Strauss. The follow up book to “The Game”, it has a series of challenges that gradually works its way up from “get a waitress’s attention using eye contact” to “get a date” or even “throw a party and invite a pretty woman who you met”. Also if you can’t get laid slutty or promiscuous people can help as long as you use protection always. Promiscuous people will have sex with guys who nobody else would have sex with. If it weren’t for promiscuous women I would never have had penis-in-vagina sex - literally every single one had 20+ or 30+ prior sexual partners.

That’s how in the past I got laid and got a girlfriend (although it’s been six years since I’ve had penis-in-vagina sex and four years since I’ve had a girlfriend). I kind of gave up trying and decided that it’s not worth the effort anymore, but when I was like 20 that’s what I did and it took going through literally several thousand women to have sex with one but I managed it. But yeah, that’s my guide and I hope it helps someone.

p.s. I know Incels complain a lot about their looks, their height, etc but in my experience promiscuous women will have sex with ugly and short men (and even guys in wheelchairs). Sure exercise and good looks helps but it’s not totally necessary if you’ve got the social part down and meet the right person.

p.p.s. I almost forgot about mental health. A lot of incels need a therapist and a psychiatrist. Mental health problems seriously get in the way (and even with treatment for things like depression there are personality disorders and issues that don’t go away even if you take meds). The one romantic relationship I did have happened during a period of good mental health.

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That is masochistic and not worth doing.

Didn’t you earn 6 figures before moving back in with your parents? After a certain amount of time I would have just used seekingarrangements or other legal hookers and try to do “Pretty Woman game” or something. Like if you’re gonna put that much effort in, might as well have fun doing it.

This is awful advice.

University has the worst females of all, and you should NOT go to University unless you are certain to get something out of it. Just today I overheard someone talking about their Master’s in Physics, and now they’re in my Education work program. They also said their Master’s in Physics got them jack shit in work opportunities. University is a hell of a lot of effort and it is not paying off like it used to. I’d recommend a shorter, cheaper route to a work program right after high school.

Avoid cities if possible. Females tend to be worse in densely populated areas (at least, I think this is the case). These areas also tend to be more Liberal, so any right wingers here aren’t as likely to get along. Feminism has a stronger influence. If you CAN work in a more rural or suburban-like setting, you may as well do it. Cities are shit tbh, who wants to be around that many people all the time?

I couldn’t be bothered to read the rest, but,

“it took going through literally several thousand women to have sex with one but I managed it.”

Why even bother? You were probably being used in some form or another. Just escortmaxx and stop torturing yourself.

My advice is legalize prostitution and get every struggling male escortmaxxing and ignoring “regular” females completely. That will teach them for treating men as disposable. At least until the Sexbots come in full force and then shit really hits the fan.

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That is a good point.

In general you want to move to a place that has similar vlaues to you. I know BrendioEEE is an incel, but it’s probably mostly because he is like neo-nazi in LA. That is just not a fun experience for neo-nazis.

Similarly I grew in tradcon, right-wing environments as a lefty progressive type. It was ultimately a bad idea.

Listen to me man, your tips are good but too high effort.

I have this friend. Hans. Big and fat, never works out. He’s called the Cheese, because the way he smells, and his face looks like a demented pig’s. He’s balding on all his head. He weighs at least 160 kg. Only thing he got for him is, he’s tall.

Hans is slaying like Jack the fucking Ripper. I mean it. You can never BELIEVE how much pussy he gets! He’s probably having five bastards already. Well yes, of course, most of his women are alcoholic rejects in their 50’s living in homeless shelters. One even was a mongoloid. But a ■■■■ is a ■■■■. And ugly women are always hornier.

Anyway. Hans trick is this: He’s a drink mixer. Homemade, at home. Mixing moonshine and soda - cheap. And since alcoholics and the mentally ill are self-medicating with alcohol, and half the alcoholics are women and half of 'em don’t afford medicine, Hans acts as their supplier, and if you’re a woman, he offers a discount, and if you can’t pay, he can forgive you the debt in return for sex. Sometimes the women are so wasted they don’t remember what’s happened. Sometimes, they apparently even taken the initiative to have sex with him.

So if you’re tall and know how to mix moonshine and soda, you can slay it like Hans.

And yet you claim you are bluepilled…

The guy is bluepilled. He thinks this is acceptable and normal in a healthy civilization.

This is one thing you got right.

Females are more likely to have sex with a sociable mental handicap confined to a wheelchair than a high functioning autistic male. They prefer practically anyone or anything to that. Imagine being perceived as the most repulsive thing for no good reason at all.

What about Hans then?

And he’s not alone. The guy who’s a chad here is the guy who can get cheap alcohol and drugs to parties. Everybody wants him, no matter if he’s fat and unhygienic.

He’s 160kg? Wtf? On a bad day I weigh 88kg.

You didn’t say anything about Hans being autistic.


here’s a pic of him from '15. he’s quite autistic when he isn’t drunk, which he most often is. when sober, he’s terrified of his own shadow. but none of us care - he’s famous for mixing drinks and everybody admire his drinkmixxing and drinkmaxxing.

Lmao, well if you saw what I wrote about the Alpha/Co-Alpha/Beta/Omega males, this does make sense. He’s an Omega male, and he slays in this society. It’s not that surprising. As for myself on the other hand, I don’t even drink in the first place.

If he’s able to mask his Autism (and as in he’s literally on the Autistic Spectrum) with drugs/alcohol, then I suppose that works as well.

shame i’m the size of a 12 year kid. otherwise i could run Hans game. tried, believe me. got alcohol to parties, but when i got the money the guys just tell me “fuck off you creep”. but i’m not sociable, mostly sitting in the darkest corner and looking like a corpse. and yea, i drink.

but man, i’ve tried. you’re volcel if you havn’t tried bootleg-maxxing. all unattractive high inhib guys around Malmo are running that game.

if you haven’t got them looks, you maxx in some other area, or pretends to. and if not, just hang around wasted women.

yeah, i know i’m a fail. but unless you tried you’re volcel.

and it isn’t like you got any reputation to defend, man.

we’re all autistic in my friend circle (with one exception, a chad, but he’s a jack vegas addict with 2 million SEK debt), and we all really hate one another and want to see one another die painfully.

Dude. You are bat shit crazy. Get help!

Look man, what would fail with my strategy? Your strategy is expensive as fuck and takes 2-3 years to pull off. With my strategy you need 2-3 days, usually. Who is insane?

Look. Get psychiatric and psychological help. Get your life together. After all that is done you can worry about women.

He’s not wrong though. In this society his strategy actually works, not that I am well suited for it.

Anything beats being a ■■■■. If all men refused to be cooperative with maintaining society, it would collapse and these Commies would die with it.