How much longer will incelswithout hate last, I give it 1 year tops

and they aren’t even gonna set up an external forum backup plan or anything


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more like 1 month, Reddit is just gonna ban subreddits like wild until the election. Shame, because I like incelswithouthate

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No clue why incels continue to play whack and mole with sub evasion. It’s pointless. Find a not reddit home and stick with it.


They won’t get banned their mods is a femcel spy

hello and welcome @freiza , your posts won’t hit the spam filter anymore

some guys debate incels vs inceltears, ch-ch-chek it out!

that was awful @IceCutter

What do you mean, how come

People just shouting at you the whole time instead of letting you talk.

Also why are you defending IT there?

Can you or whoever keeps posting about us stop making Reddit threads about us and @tooshort I’m tired of getting PMs about it, please PM me on discord

Just don’t do it with alts and don’t reference other forums please.


I wasn’t defending IT per se, I was just pointing out the absolute state .co is in, the calibre of posters they have there these days and how tbh they pretty much do deserve ridicule

which .co?

incels dot co