How many lesbians have sex with males anyway?

It’s physically superior and allows them to become pregnant.

My guess: since lesbians have ‘male’ brains they are far tougher mentally and thus more willing to go through a pregnancy and give birth.

Many of them probably claim to be BI or straight and use males to their advantage.

probably a lot

somewhere in my okcupid matches is a lesbian
her profile just suggests she is looking for a weed buddy but with extra

I dont smoke though so it would just be weird.

Would not say that most lesbians are bi in disguise though.

why is your name called darwinian vintologi?

It"s the name of google account after the religion i created.

are there dues?

I have had sex with a lesbian but she told me the next day that she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with me, we still have sex but she is emotionally attached to this girl from our school she’s dating (Who btw is perfectly okay with me banging her)

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this is proof that male lesbian society is good.