How do you deal with boredom and social isolation

getting banned everywhere is starting to get to my head. I’m getting into a destructive attitude due to the compulsive behaviors of mods on social media and imageboards.
It’s a Saturday with little to do.
random image for entertainment.

Being around family helps me

Bluepilled normies tend to ban for no reason, there isnt much freedom on the internet anymore.

Why do so many incel forums ban lgbtq incels? I was watching this forum for a while and it struck me how accepting it was compared to other incel sites…

because they blame the fall of the weimar republic on gays and jews. Nazism is an outdated idealogy and made up by Henry Ford so that people would fight amongst themselves instead of focusing on the real threats to humanity, such as the super wealthy that are obsessed with 95% population reduction.

In reality, the fall of the weimar republic was due to Britain making germany pay a ton of reparations. Secondly, non-secular jews are the most homophobic and transphobic people on earth. The type of jews the nazis complained about were not totally jews. Third, in the beginning, a lot of orginal nazis were lgbt themselves, but himmler decided to be a bigot and ban it from the party. Although it was already illegal to be gay in weimar republic before the nazis, but it was never really enforced.

Third reason, they are jealous of lesbians. Some incels fap to lesbian porn, but then realize lesbians are transphobic and also that if they take estrogen they might not be able to reproduce. So they dont take their hormone pills and just live an incel lifestyle, since lesbians reject transwomen anyway.

Fourth reason is, modern gays seem antoganistic to inceldom as a whole. There are some gays here and there (like milo yanopolis) who are pro blackpill, but he is so rich (he is a millionairre) that most incels are jealous of him anyway.

Fifth reason is, the lgbt movement seems discriminatory towards incels. They do not recognize the incel struggle as valid and seem to ignore or act antagonist to them. The lgbt movement has been subverted by 4th wave feminists after the 2012 gamergate incident, there is a current bias against male bisexual people and male queers who happen to be attracted to females.

Incels aren’t nazis if that’ what you’re implying

National Socialism is a ideology derived from Arthur Moeller van den Bruck and further developed by Anton Drexler. This split into the pro-corporatist/facsist sect Hitlerism and the traditional line by Drexler.

Wiemar Republic was a puppet state of the Versalles powers. The opposition to it created a power vacuum that fueled the rise of the Conservative Revolutionaries and Communists. The opposition was universally recognized as against the decadent and degenerate degeneration of Germany in the Wiemar era.

Source? And what do you mean “original” in this context? I could only think of one example and that’s not alot. Even after the purges during the night of the long knifes I could think of crossdressing nazi’s being common.

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They all wanna be the next incels dot co or somethin

longer answer, cuz most incel forums are very socially conservative

I have browsed .co and it seems like over 50% of them are nazis.

However there are at least 50 million incels in america, and only about 10,000 .co members. So probably most incels are not nazis. But in the context of this conversation, the question was why do online incels act in a certain way. The ones that don’t post online probably don’t post online because they don’t want to be viewed as incels.

Hmm what is Drexler Nazism like.

I was referring to how Henry Ford unintentionally created nazism with his book called the international jew. This spawned waves of nazi superstition about jews.

" Ford was also widely known for his pacifism during the first years of World War I, and for promoting antisemitic content, including The Protocols of the Elders of Zion , through his newspaper The Dearborn Independent and the book The International Jew , having an alleged influence on the development of Nazism.

After ww2 Ford said he was sorry and that he never wanted a holocaust. Although some jewish historians have said its not possible that jews could have been gassed at aushwitz and there is some doubt of the mainstream holocaust theory.


The main reason germany was collapsing was economy. Not sjws, not because of degenerate art. And the real reason Magnus Heirshchfield was hated was not because of his science, but because he blackmailed gay nazis. Also the art back then was actually really bad, nowadays homosexual/liberal art has gotten a lot better, except the ones that are shown in real life art museums which is usually really bad.

yes I heard about the nazi crossdressing thing. i also heard 1/4th of ss engaged in homosexuality but then himmler put a stop to it, it was part of himmlers scheme to usurp power by framing hitlers gay general friend.

First if all, thank you for the sophisticated and detailed answer, second:

I did that too, and I can confirm that… still, I find it hard to distinguish between the blackpill jbw for example concerning race and ethinicty and nacism… for jbw and other blackpill-like theories do not necessarily imply hatred and exclusion… yet in many cases they are used to ideologize nazism on .co for example.

I agree. And often times economic struggle helps the more extreme views to gain attention and power. Other social tensions may also underpin the change, for example general tension between radicalised political views, but I agree, the economy was an important factor.

Perhaps, but “engaging in homosexuality” is not necessarily equal to being gay. Many solders in the war had no other way to have sex, but the have it with the same gender. Sort of as a ■■■■. You can consider them homosexuals, but I do not think they are the same category as gays in the everyday life. Though I might be wrong and misunderstood your comment, they may be gays outside the military too.

jbw isnt meant to be politically incorrect, its often said by persons of color to c0pe. Or it is sometimes said by whites to get other whites to move to asia to ascend. But there was black nazis in ww2 so that doesnt really prove anything in terms of the theme of the jbw expression.

i agree that bad economy is a factor in causing incel, but i dont really agree that it is the inherent prime factor of incel as zero sum said. I think its our capatalist social upbringing that brainwashes women to get physically aroused at money. But I think that women are biologically capable of lusting for poor people if they are not brainwashed to lust for money.
Although some of the science disagrees, since they interviewed some african females in rural areas and found the african women they interviewed that only want men for their money. This would imply that lust of money is inherent to human females. But I am not sure if all cultures of women are the same, so its not definitely proof because they still have a culture there which means some form of brainwashing has occurred and thus the science is not objective.

i said some of the nazis were lgbt. I did not say they were homosexuals. They were encouraged to breed with women with good genes. And in the meantime some of them did homosexual things with each other. Some of the nazis were full blown gays such as hitlers general friend. I wonder if himmler’s betrayal was why the nazis lost ww2, you would assume losing a general would be a detriment to military success.

They probably get banned for similar reasons that “femcels” get banned.

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I don’t think anyone would deny that this was a thing.

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It’s one of the reasons why I’m mostly just going to post on my “Nahsieto” blog, make ROM hacks & rarely speak on forums. Everyone just wants to play their Oppression Olympics, lie about wanting Free Speech & throw ban-happy temper tantrums everyday.

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Can I join?

Listening to music specifically symphonic black metal and trying out different music in the goth and emo subculture, watching horror, anime, and reading comic books, and exercising.

hi @Unbekatolyubiv welcome to yourenotalone. :slight_smile: Upped your perms and your posts will go through automatically now.

ive asked will to unban certain words but he wont listen.

Everywhere I go I get banned when I make a account. I seriously think someone is stalking me online. How can I get help? Hire a private investigator?
Also, What’s a make wiki?

that doesnt even make sense. How could the same person be admin of all the places you are banned at?

I think that being incel is causing you paranoia my friend.