Honestly the title "Incel" sucks

Marking yourself that way is useless. It won’t help you get any real thing, It Will deplete your autosteem to underground levels and also there’s the connotation with it: A human without any social skills.

Stop saying that you can’t. You all are going to be like “Oh ■■■■■■■■■, blah, blah”. but atleast you got to try harder

Wanna get ripped?. Go to gym more often.
Want a girlfrien/Boyfriend? Work on YOURSELF first, If you don’t love yourself nobody Will

I’m tired of seeing such a waste of human talent

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Yes, we can all become muscular ripped very wealthy Chads tomorrow, we have nobody to blame but ourselves! File this under delusional unicorn thinking please.

I swear there are a bunch of delusional morons in today’s world that doesn’t understand how reality or the world really works.

It’s a world full of delusional morons that think if you believe hard enough in things you can achieve anything. These are same assholes that don’t understand reality and reduce all of life to a corporate motivational poster taped on a wall. That bullshit has no bearing on reality whatsoever.

Here, enjoy some normie tier bullshit motivational music below.

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I’m not looking for help.

My self esteem is already there for many years.

I really am.

I really can’t.

You don’t know how hard I’ve been trying.

And I’m tired of this kind of empty, low effort advice.

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There’s a lot of things you can’t change by tomorrow.
Including that
I mean, I was fat because a disease?
You know what
I’ve got slimmer, In 11 fucking months . Not overnight
and I still have way to go. but live is better overall

Obviously, if we get the opportunity we would be all a better selves. don’t deny it.

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Also, I know reality is fucked, life could easily be hell.
But what we’re going to do? Get stuck like a fish out of water, I don’t think so
Even if it cost my life I’m going to fight for this

I am not even overweight and I still can’t get any pussy if my life depended on it.

Wow dude. I really admire you, so you want to stay in this fucked up place than trying something else?

I’m just waiting for total collapse of everything over here. Shouldn’t be much longer now…

Then there’s two things:
.You could, A: be very ugly

or B; Have a really shitty personaluty

As I have not seen a picture of you I can’t tell (Trust me, I’ve seen even good looking cels)

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And well. Yes It’s not good advice. you know why I came here?
To do a rant to myself.

Honk honk motherfucker.

I have absolutely no energy to go to the gym or anything like that. There are days that I can barely get out of my bed.

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That’s actually sad.
why is that your case?
Maybe clinical depression?

Yes. I already ranted and vented a lot about it here on incelistan.

So much for your magical thinking and believing bullshit hypothesis.

And another one bites the dust on Incelistan…

Just curious: Anything that has helped you in some way?
Even if it is placebo

I’m just waiting for total collapse of everything over here. Shouldn’t be much longer now…

A collapse? you’re waiting a civil war or what?

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Hol’ up boy. I’m not going to leave until I’m dead then

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Global economic collapse, world war III, global viral pandemic, civil war, or a combination of all simultaneously.


Paroxetine helped a bit, but brought me other problems, so I quit the treatment after two years.

That sounds a Little bit alarmist
As thing probs are going to be slow, and a long torture
Nothing that kill us instantly

So fuck that. While you rot in this forum I’m going to travel the world
And then die happily by corona

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Shit is going to go down pretty soon.

I’m just waiting trying to remain comfy in the meantime…