Homework Help (Poem Writing)

Yeah so for this ridiculous Teacher’s Education program, we have a lot of silly assignments we need to do… I am an analytical writer, not so good at poems, and like most here, pretty lazy.

So if anybody here is good at or enjoys writing poems, and bored during social distancing, if you’d like to fill out this template, here it is. Note that it doesn’t have to rhyme.

I Am From Poem

Use this template to draft your poem, and then write a final draft to share on blank paper.
I am from ___________________ .
(specific ordinary item)

From ___________________ and ___________________ .
(product name) (product name)

I am from ___________________ .
(home description)

___________________ , _________________ , ________________________________
(adjective) (adjective) (sensory detail)

I am from _________________________________________ ,
(plant, flower, natural item)

(description of above item)

I’m from ____________________________ and ______________________________
(family tradition) (family trait)

From ______________________________ and _________________________
(name of family member) (another family name)

I’m from the ____________________________ and ______________________
(description of family tendency) (another one)

From _________________________________ and ________________________
(something you were told as a child) (another)

I’m from ___________________________ , __________________________________
(representation of religion or lack of), (further description)

I’m from _______________________________________________
(place of birth and family ancestry)
______________________________________ , ________________________________
(a food item that represents your family) (another one)

From the ______________________________________________________________
(specific family story about a specific person and detail)

The _________________________________________________________
(another detail of another family member)

(location of family pictures, mementos, archives)

(line explaining the importance of family items)

Eu sou da televisão.

Da cafeteira e do celular.

Eu sou da casa perto da escola.

De madeira, de cimento, fria.

Eu sou da pitangueira.

Delicada, ácida, pequena, persistente.

Sou dos churrascos aos domingos e dos cafés depois do almoço.

Da Gininha e da Gongó.

Sou da tradição e da conservação.

Do cuidado ao atravessar a rua e de chegar cedo em casa.

Eu sou do catolicismo e da Nossa Sra Aparecida.

Eu sou do interior, do arroz e do feijão.

Sou do Bruninho que correu ao meu encontro.

Das bebedeiras na praça às terças-feiras.

Yes, it’s in pt-br. Yes, I know it’s useless for you.

Actually it’s pretty good.

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I understand a few of the words, and tossed it into google translate, although it probably didn’t translate so well.

"I’m from television.

Coffee maker and cell phone.

I am from the house near the school.

Wooden, cement, cold.

I’m from Pitangueira.

Delicate, acidic, small, persistent.

I am for barbecue on Sundays and for cafes after lunch.

Gininha and Gongó.

I am from tradition and conservation.

Be careful when crossing the street and get home early.

I am from Catholicism and Nossa Senhora Aparecida.

I’m from the countryside, rice and beans.

I’m from Bruninho who ran to meet me.

From drinking in the square to Tuesdays."

It actually did a better job than I’d expect, but doesn’t sound as good when translated.

A bit of context:

Pitangueira is the tree that gives pitanga, a very common fruit from South America.

“gininha” and “gongó” is how I called my aunt and my grandmother respectively when I was a little child learning to talk.

Nossa Senhora Aparecida is Jesus’ mother, Mary, patroness of Brazil.

Bruno (Bruninho = “little Bruno”) was a dog we had when I was a child.

Yeah translated things rarely sounds as good

This was work for week 7, just finishing up the bull shit for week 6 now.

Shit, looks like I might need to come up with something myself.

I am from paper
From pens and pencils
Trying to write my own story
I am from different places
familiar, unfamiliar, cold and noisy.
I am from sunflowers
Strong, thic, and hard to break
I am from sleeping under a Christmas tree catching Santa Clause and honest about it.
From Lillian to Vivian
I’m from the fighting and arguing
From not being good enough and always getting up when you fall
I’m from Christianity, and respecting others
I’m from Canada, poutine and maple syrup
I’m from we don’t talk about what happened
We just wont invite them to family dinner anymore
From the pictures in the closet, cards in the box, and kindergarten art work in the garage
I am from these moments where we pretend to be a family.


Thic lol. Not bad though.

I actually finished mine before reading yours. Just threw together what came to mind from the instructions.

This was the model poem btw:

Model Poem:
Where I’m From
By Ms. Vaca
I am from bookshelves,
from vinegar and green detergent.
I am from the dog hair in every corner
(Yellow, abundant,
the vacuum could never get it all.)
I am from azaleas
the magnolia tree
whose leaves crunched under my feet like
every fall.
I’m from puzzles and sunburns,
from Dorothy Ann and Mary Christine
I’m from reading and road trips
From “Please watch your brother” and
“Don’t let your brother hit you!”
I’m from Easter sunrises and Iowa
churches at Christmas
I’m from Alexandria and the Rileys,
Sterzing’s potato chips and sponge candy.
From my Air Force dad’s refusal to go to
from my mom’s leaving home at 17.
On a low shelf in my new house is a stack
of photo albums,
carefully curated by my faraway father,
chronicling my childhood.
I am from these pages,
yellowed but firm,
holding on to me across the country.


Where I’m From

By ______________

I am from window blinders,

from pepper and ketchup.

I am from the raisins in the grass.

(Brown, scarce, outnumbered by the green.)

I am from Rosemary

the willow tree

whose bark was darker than everything below and above.

I’m from trials and angina,

From Paula Boyle and Kenneth Irving

I’m from desserts and neurotics

From “You cannot stay home alone” and “Do not talk to strangers”

I’m from Christmas mornings and Gatineau masses of the past century

I’m from Toronto nightfalls and Irish uprisings,

Vachon’s May Wests and Jos Louis.

From my grandfather that made it via newspaper,

from my father leaving as a teen.

In storage there exists photos of varying quality kept by both of the aforementioned,

in some ways I resemble both and in other ways I resemble neither.

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your homework came along better than mine

Now my Turn…

Describe the new ethical guidelines that NAHO has outlined for conducting research in Aboriginal communities. How will this help to alleviate the problems that have occurred as a result of past research practices?

Don’t even know what NAHO is, but that doesn’t sound too difficult. Pretty straightforward question, though I assume the ethical guidelines are easily accessible.

This is what I did today:

“Final Report (post below)
Directions: At the end of the course you will write a brief report (2 - 3 pages - double spaced) on your engagement and participation in the literature circle community discussions. What was your experience of studying a novel as a community of learners? What have you learned about yourself as a reader and maker of meaning? How were you challenged and/or supported in this process? How is making meaning through dialogue and reading connected? What did you bring to the literature circle process? What would you do differently? How has this contributed to your classroom practice? What adaptations would you make? As part of your report, you will be asked to self- and peer-evaluate in terms of your engagement, participation, and contribution to the circles.”

Like God Damn do you think that’s enough questions… and I already did all the work but then had to write a report/reflection on it… I’m so over this kind of stuff.

…And in a separate course, this is what I have moved onto doing now.

I love self reflection. You can literally write anything and it’s right lol. My stuff is all critical right now and I hate it. It’s all read this long paper and answer a critique about it and then write a 6 page paper yourself on how community development could have been better.

is her a joke to you


National aboriginal health organisation