History of the Incel Wiki and updates

So this forum has been a bit inactive since I stopped advertising it to work on https://incelwiki.com, promale.wiki, and conspiracylistwiki stuff, but …

This is basically the history of The Incel Wiki:

  1. Someone who wishes not to be named and I create incels dot wiki (then on a domain called incels.info) in early 2018, write 80%+ of the wiki over the span of years, admin it, recruit the users (they came from outside incels.co mostly). Incels dot wiki also wasn’t the first incel wiki, contrary to what incels.co claims, that was incelwiki.org, love-shy wiki, and sluthate wiki a bit earlier, which me and incels.co had nothing to do with.
  2. We suggest installing a Cite extension to allow more substantive or academic stuff, Randy aka ‘Master’, an admin from incels.co doesn’t really know why, and is initially a bit reticent, but eventually installs it
  3. The wiki never gets any other editors until late 2019, after which two autistic intelligent people come on after reading the Asperger’s article. The one named Altmark adds useful stuff, but the other person mainly POV pushes. Master/Randy still explicitly tells me in PMs that is it “your Wiki tables”
  4. The POV pusher doesn’t understand edit warring is bad, gets banned multiple times, complains to ‘sergeantincel’, another incels.co admin, and starts campaigning to de-admin the main writer and admin, who was still me
  5. ‘Sergeantincel’ gets told he’s an “academic guy” multiple times by someone he respects in a public venue, looks at the hitcounter on the wiki and decides that even though he had nothing to do with the wiki besides paying for it, he wants to transform it into something academic oriented or something more professional. I humor him in PMs and resist his attempts to change the domain URL to a manosphere Wiki etc by working on a dummy site for him called ‘manosphere.wiki’ I didn’t intend to expand. Master is confused about what to do as he was even someone initially retiscent about even a Cite extension in early 2018.
  6. ‘Serge’ puts the problem editor in charge of the dummy manosphere wiki I made and boots me off the dummy wiki. ‘Serge’ and the editor start hinting they’re gonna compete with incels dot wiki, on the same server…
  7. The problem editor starts being a problem to Randy/Master, and Randy/Master heroically puts a stop to various hijinks from Sergeantincel. I tell ‘sergeantincel’ there’ll be wiki forks, I poke at his ego suggesting he lacks “power” (bad idea) then block him (good idea). I also block the podcasters as had a feeling they were empowering ‘serge’ too much in general, when most of what he does is just own pay for a server and create issues.
  8. I recruit a podcaster to put an end to the madness that unfolded on my project that was previously peaceful as this was the last plea avenue we had. The only result of this was one of the incels dot wiki admins then starts giving me “compromises” for access to my project. I ask him to delete my writing instead, which would be about an hour of deleting certain articles. Pleas turn into compromises, nothing really meaningful materializes as I could login to incels dot wiki before they “let me back onto my project” anyway.
  9. I buy https://incelwiki.com , “get let back onto incels dot wiki”, even though I could already login. As it was just a token gesture as a “compromise”, I eventually banned myself from incels dot wiki
  10. I have the writers release under CC licenses and move CC writing to incelwiki.com
  11. Most writers side with me and start building it with me.
  12. The forks that I told ‘serge’ would happen if he banned everyone starts happening. For possibly different reasons Nathan Larson, who previously edited incels dot wiki as an IP editor (apparently) buys and creates misogywiki on his own server. He also creates more radical sites on his own server. ‘Serge’s’ forum and wiki starts losing tons of traffic while people crowd around Nathan’s stuff.
  13. Analyzingmaleslavery who previously edited a bit as an anon creates https://promale.wiki . The wiki starts enjoying some traffic from their fairly active Reddit.
  14. I wonder if given incelwiki.com is clearly superior in content to incels dot wiki if they are going to try to illegally take us down. I start jogging my memory of who to contact in case they do, as I know one of their identities. I end up just asking the Wikimannia admin, who is a friend, for FTP access to his server.
  15. I start doing regular backups to Wikimannnia’s server via FTP, to host us in case we get taken down. I then give them blanket permission along with the licenses
  16. I start telling the truth about incels dot wiki and it must have bothered the server owners because they start doing a limited amount of work on it for the first time in two years. They get an autistic person who is a friend of mine to spend a lot of time on Twitter advertizing the abridged wiki, incels dot wiki, on Twitter. I also start a Twitter but Twitter conversions don’t really pay off in the long run so let them obsess over that
  17. I get told on Twitter I was “holding back progress on the wiki” by the server owners, which they know is not true, as they forgot to renew the previous domain incels dot wiki had (lol), they literally gave no little to no shits about the wiki before drama started occurring they figured they could use to recruit for their sites. They also start accusing me of ‘political bias’ even though I was much more radical in 2018, and they were the ones forcing us to keep on a radical tradcon for a few months.
  18. I go back and tell ‘master’ aka ‘randy’ that a lot of material on incels dot wiki is under a non-commercial license inherited from Mr. C from love-shy dot com, that is still legally valid, in case the whole reason they booted me off was to make a few bucks or something.
  19. I tell my users I’ll never put ads on incelwiki.com, they are happy about this.
  20. I help create conspiracylist.wiki, and give Jet112 100% legal ownership of it. Jet starts making money off it from an influx of /x/ people.
  21. we start working on more wikis, including foreign language wikis and other non-incel related wikis
  22. we have our own little wiki farm thing, that gets regularly backed up via FTP for other people to host it in case we go under

just want to mention the common denominator as far as unhelpful people… were all Jordan Peterson fans. We let in people all of all political stripes, but those were the least helpful and most destructive people as far as existing institutions

Thinking of at least 3-4 people here

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Ah yes, Jordan Peterson fans. A lot of stuff he says seems logical, but the best lies are mixed with truths…

Radical Individualism is just as retarded as Radical Collectivism.

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The individual collective dicotomy is false so I presume you mean radicalism?
You prefer reformism by chance?

I’m aware of that. A lot of people make the assumption that it’s a dichotomy, which means 100% one or the other. Radical Individualism is just a label I came up with to shit on Libertarians (well, that and it’s a real thing googling it).

I wish I was as motivated as you, tables. You’re great. I struggle to perform basic tasks like brushing my teeth and answering people on whatsapp. I envy you.

Unhappy people struggle with chores, he probably does drugs thats why he is more happy and motivated.