Hikikomori introduction

Hi Guys

mid-twenties British KHV NEET. Not going to disclose exact ethnicity, but to avoid assumptions, I’m not white.

username Hikikomori because that’s more or less what I am. Broke out of NEETdom and held a shitty job for a year and quit just before Covid-19 to do an IT course, didn’t finish it, went back to my NEET ways.

Pretty sure I have ADHD, but getting diagnosed and treated in the UK is a fucking joke. Also pretty sure I have paranoid-type personality disorder, but I’ve decided that it’s part of me and I’m simply going to be a social recluse to deal with it.

I have just one friend who I see maybe for a few weeks twice a year, because I don’t like to go outside.

I’m clearly incel because of my mental problems and I’m pretty sure I’m not that great to look at either (I’d rate myself 4/10 or less), but I’m not here because “need gf”, I just want to talk about gynocentric society.

I’m more or less ■■■■■■■■■■■ on society and I think a man’s fate is to LDAR in developed societies.

I know that LDAR mentality gets you banned so I’ll only post my fleeting whitepill thoughts, I came here to make friends :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Sorry if I don’t reply to replies, I usually draft a few replies and then give up, I’m not ignoring you, I’m retarded.

So yeah Hi everyone.


Well you already sound more intelligent than the moderator, so it’s a start.

IT is pretty easy, as far as jobs go, if you have the right contacts

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See above. I don’t like how this quote button works. I’m a people person not a computer person.

To keep trying is a waste of energy and only leads to more suffering. Succumbing to apathy is better than repeatedly throwing yourself at a brick wall and hoping something will change. LDAR is learned helplessness.

It actually will in all likelihood only lead to more suffering to try. Consider the way the laws are setup and, in essence, the wealthier a male is, the easier he is for a female to exploit.

That being said, Incels should use their situation to be frugal which may increase their wealth overtime with minimal effort. If you don’t have a girlfriend and live with your parents, for instance, there’s very little reason to move out. Suppose you’re making some money or you even get an inheritance. Suppose you even eventually have enough to buy a house. I’d buy it and just continue living with my parents anyway, renting it out and accumulating wealth passively. Then you could just, say, fuck prostitutes whenever you feel like it. All females are just glorified prostitutes anyway. Now that would be LDAR in style.

Whatever you do, avoid renting an apartment room and becoming a wageslave bugman, being caught in a cycle of never owning anything. Split the cost with multiple people or live in a pod instead, if you must, and then escape when you have the savings/investments accumulated. Living in a Capitalist society without any Capital for decades sounds like suicidefuel to me, even if you are LDARing.

You never know when something positive will happen however small that positive is. But you prolong suffering by forcing yourself to suffer. You don’t have to suffer. You can still do things to increase quality of life and still find something enjoyable.

You can have your own space in an apartment. It’s quiet, no one to bother you and you can do what you want.

And what exactly are all these things I would be able to do? Playing video games and watching Bitchute? Because that’s pretty much all I can do anyway.

I know how dense you are, so I am going to really spell it out.

We’re not talking about females who “cannot wait to get away from their parents” so they can go Chad-chasing. Your argument works for sluutts like you and your other Canadian friends. It doesn’t work for a large percentage of males. We’re talking about guys, who unlike females with regard to males have no guarantee what-so-ever of finding a female that is even marginally attractive to fuck or even cuddle in their apartment. A lot of males are realizing how undesirable they are prior to moving out. So, a lot of males rightfully view it all as wasteful expenses. In case you forgot, this is a forum for INCELS.

This is why I say renting an apartment is a very low IQ move, if done by choice. There is no sense of urgency if you’re male. There is nothing to gain from it, though there is something to be said for savings and investments.

Waste of time arguing with somebody who is so delusional that they actually believe the public school system is pro-masculinity. Just because she heard that exact system repeat it to her over and over again, which has incredible irony to it. No critical thinking at all and no sign of intelligent life here.

I didn’t have guys over at my place. I’m not a slut. Maybe you should check your facts.

Having your own apartment doesn’t have much to do with dating. It’s just nice to have your own space as an adult. You complain all the time about your siblings and parents. Well if you had your own apartment you wouldn’t have to deal with that anymore.

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