Hikikomori introduction

Hi Guys

mid-twenties British KHV NEET. Not going to disclose exact ethnicity, but to avoid assumptions, I’m not white.

username Hikikomori because that’s more or less what I am. Broke out of NEETdom and held a shitty job for a year and quit just before Covid-19 to do an IT course, didn’t finish it, went back to my NEET ways.

Pretty sure I have ADHD, but getting diagnosed and treated in the UK is a fucking joke. Also pretty sure I have paranoid-type personality disorder, but I’ve decided that it’s part of me and I’m simply going to be a social recluse to deal with it.

I have just one friend who I see maybe for a few weeks twice a year, because I don’t like to go outside.

I’m clearly incel because of my mental problems and I’m pretty sure I’m not that great to look at either (I’d rate myself 4/10 or less), but I’m not here because “need gf”, I just want to talk about gynocentric society.

I’m more or less ■■■■■■■■■■■ on society and I think a man’s fate is to LDAR in developed societies.

I know that LDAR mentality gets you banned so I’ll only post my fleeting whitepill thoughts, I came here to make friends :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Sorry if I don’t reply to replies, I usually draft a few replies and then give up, I’m not ignoring you, I’m retarded.

So yeah Hi everyone.


Well you already sound more intelligent than the moderator, so it’s a start.

IT is pretty easy, as far as jobs go, if you have the right contacts

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