Hi, my introduction!

Hi this is Dva!


welcome, how much do you weigh

How much do I weigh? Last time I went to the store, I weighed as many fruits and veggies until I got 1lb full. But sometimes might I’d get more if on sale.

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but were they organic produce though?

hormone injected fruits and veggies usually weigh more

Welcome to incelistan, DarthDva.
glad you’re here.

welcome Diva

yo darth

Hormone injected ones, xD

@clem, @NEETvacation, and @OrganizedReligion

shucks I’m shy, I am always tickled and get really shy when I get greeted by my fans

It’s not appropriate to ask people how much they weigh. @DarthDva Welcome to Incellistan, Dva!

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sorry but no fat people are allowed on this forum