Hi, just introducing myself

23 years old, female, like chess and traveling. KHHV, I made some memes if you want me to link them :grin:

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need to make an introduction category, shit

Also, welcome!

:thinking: why so many oldcels?

How is 23 old? I’m 26.

You can’t even be considered Incel until you’re at least 18.

Hello, welcome. I’m new here myself. I also play chess. That’s cool, not many girls play chess. I also like to travel but not rich nor resourceful so I’m not able to do it as much as I like.

How did you find us? And welcome. Hope you find this place comfy.

Chess is pretty fire. I’m booty at it, but it’s lot for sure.

Someome told me about. I was at another incel forum. I wanted a more inclusive incel forum, with less hostility towards women.

All women of this generation are ■■■■■

  1. Women are a protected class that need to be treated like children and cannot ever be subjected to any hostility.

  2. Feminism.

They need to hurry up and pick one already.

yeah, sorry, you’ll find jerks everywhere though. but I hope they don’t deter you too much.

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