Hi! i'm studying incel culture

Yeah, but what is your point exactly? Not getting sex and affection automatically causes craziness, so there’s no reason to accuse causation.

I know that I am mentally ill regardless of whether or not I have sex. I think a lot of incels have mental illnesses and that getting sex doesn’t cure or prevent mental illness.

I strongly disagree. You are an anecdotal case and your circumstances don’t apply to everyone.

There is a distinction to be made between mental illness and mental health.

Not getting sex or affection doesn’t cause mental illness and having it doesn’t cure mental illness. But the lack of it overtime can definitely lead to poor mental health.

Many Incels are autistic, but if you don’t consider that as a mental illness, then really most Incels are not mentally ill; they have poor mental health. And this could, in fact, be cured by having that which they have been continuously deprived of.

And yes, Elliot Rodgers and George Sodini may have been mentally ill. But, in fact, the other cause of their actions could have been extremely poor mental health as well, and these individuals happened to have low levels of resilience to it. Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think either of them had a specific, identifiable mental illness (other than perhaps ASD if you consider it as such). ASD doesn’t make someone more likely to be violent than a neurotypical on its own; it is the poorer quality of life (mainly socially and in related areas) associated with ASD that then makes violent behavior more likely. If a neurotypical was put through exactly the same life, then there is no difference in their likelihood of lashing out.

Not getting sex, affection, and attention causes mental illness, this is already proven by science.

Name a mental illness that can be cured. You must mean something like Depression?

Depression that is caused by a “chemical imbalance” in which the person is depressed for no good reason (e.g. most females that claim to be depressed) is mental illness, though it is debatable to what extent people experience this.

Depression that is caused by environmental factors is basically just a symptom of poor mental health. Of course when the environmental factors are removed, the depression will go with them.

I don’t know about all incels, but I do know that Depression is directly caused by lack of companionship. Schizophrenia was incorrectly assumed to be a genetic condition, but it is actually caused by environmental factors, one of them being an incel.

You are an amateur. There are dozens of studies on manosphere, countless news articles, just start from there. It’s useless to reinvent the wheel, just check what other people did and try to improve adding new information.

Or maybe you just want to write an easy fill-in thesis for your worthless sociology three years course