Hi! i'm studying incel culture

i’m coming here with a bit of a bias towards incels, but trying very hard to come down off my high horse. i’ve only ever heard negative things about incels from the internet (and heard of the extremists like elliot rodgers and george sodini), and i’ve come here to understand more deeply about what exactly defines an incel, and hopefully to overcome the negative feelings i have towards them (as those two murders do not represent incels as a whole).

i hope that this isn’t breaking any rules or making anyone feel badly - i just want to get to know some of y’all and your experiences with identifying as incels.

please message me if you have some sort of message to the world that you would like to get out there, or if you’d just like to rant!

Hi. I identify as an incel. First let me make clear that there are a VERY wide variety of incels. First let’s start with this site. "Incelistan.net , is a purplepill–leaning pacifist and gender-neutral incel forum."

What does do these references to different colored pills mean? First the term “purple pill”. Purple is a mix of red and blue. In the context of men’s rights activism, “taking the red pill” means seeing a world where women hold power over men. The blue pill is the opposite - it’s the feminist notion that men hold power over women (patriarchy). These colors come from a movie called “The Matrix”. Anywho, purple pill is in the middle with some people on one side and some people on the other. Personally I am a blue piller. I consider myself a feminist and believe that it’s my fault that women don’t want to sleep with or date me. I don’t blame women - I blame me. There’s also a “■■■■■■■■■■”. ■■■■■■■■■■ is basically the notion that unattractive person (i.e. the person who considers themselves black pilled) are fucked and that they might as well kill themselves. Pill color is one way that incels identify.

Another way that incels identify is based on their self-perceived reasons for why they can’t get laid or can’t get a girlfriend. These terms are usually created by taking the reason and adding the suffix “-cel” to the end. For example a person who believes that they can’t get a relationship or sex because of a mental health problem like autism, depression, or schizophrenia is a mentalcel (mental-cel). In practice anything can have the suffix “-cel” added to the end of it. For example if an incel lives in the middle of nowhere and feels that is why they can’t get sex or a relationship they can refer to themselves as a locationcel (location-cel). Personally I am a mentalcel. I have SEVERE psychiatric problems and psychological/personality issues. Mental-cels are a common type of incel.

But yeah, saying that all incels are murders is like saying that all Black people steal. It’s kind of a mean stereotype. Also some incels are women. There’s a reddit page/group just for women incels. Women incels usually are more like “I can’t get sex from any guy who I want to have sex with” where as male incels tend to be more like “I can’t get sex” or “I can’t get a relationship”. Also I would consider “I can’t get sex” and “I can’t get a relationship” two different things (I identify with both) but in practice some people who identify as incel fall into one group but not the other. So yeah, incels are a diverse group. Oh, and there are internet trolls who just go on incel boards to post annoying shit like “Transexualism is a judeo-feminist conspiracy to castrate men” but you should ignore or ban those people. There are a lot of them on other incel sites and occasionally I see them here but not as much as on other sites.

John, if you honestly believe that males have it as easy, or equal, to women in dating, then I don’t know what to say.

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sodini wasn’t even on any incel forums, and neither was rodger for that matter

there are less extreme incel forums like this one, they just aren’t really written about by journos… ever… Which in a way is a good thing…

I’m not understanding how that’s a good thing.

I don’t know, I didn’t really have a reason for saying it

i don’t think i read that anywhere in his reply

do trans people have a culture?

maybe what you’re looking for is 4chan culture

another example i would given would have been alek minassian. there’s lots of praise for rodger on forums like .co, and sodini set a precedent.

i started out there.

To be fair, he did say this. You’d have to have some pretty severe issues to believe females don’t have it extremely easy.

alek minassian, according to his confessional video, was on r/foreveralone (which is a feminist foreveralone board)
and 4chan (which is an anime board), specifically r9k (which is a hikikomori board which calls incels “crabs”)

he wasn’t on any board for self-described incels.

and about incels.co… if a group of people praise an individual that does not make that individual tied to that group in any formal sense.

good for you. ( that sounds sarcastic, but I’m not being sarcastic) thats a very healthy thing to do, to challenge your own thoughts, and to try to understand people from their own perspective.

also, welcome to incelistan :slight_smile:


tfw people come here looking for some fun subculture but we’re literally just involuntary celibates

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I never said that males have it easy in dating. They don’t. Women have it much easier in dating. That being said there is more to life than dating. I think that women should be equal to men in things like deciding to have a family, equal pay for equal work, voting, that kind of stuff.

Not going to lie, I would agree with the haters on one thing. A disproportionately high percentage of incels are crazy people. I mean I know I’m crazy but at least I am semi-functional but with some people I am just like “wtf is wrong with that person?” I can imagine that Elliot Rodgers and George Sodini were bat shit crazy and that the bad rap that incels get as a whole is due to the people who are incels and also crazy.

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