Hi I'm new

Hi I’m new here looking to make friends in London, I’m a friend of ice cutter and hes got me to join.

Long story short i cant seem to meet the right guy as I’m overweight and have short brown hair whereas last year my hair was long and beautiful and now it’s short and shows my weight more and I’ve put on weight since last year.

I used to be the bell of the ball and now I’m lucky if I can even get attention.

Welcome Annabelle.

How old are you, if you don’t mind me asking

welcome to incelistan Annabelle, glad to have you here.


I promise you, hair don’t do much.

She’s saying she can’t sign in, I think she used Facebook to log in

theres nothing wrong with the facebook login
she just has to use the same account she signed up with or choose a different signup option

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Hey guys it’s me using my Google account now instead as I couldn’t log in, was enrolling to college today and i spoke to 2 guys and both of then ignored like i didn’t exist… i know their English probably wasn’t great but i bet if i was a slim blonde or maybe even just slim I’d get plenty of guys talking to me no problem… and my hair longer as well as my hair it a little less then shoulder length now.

The only time i really get talking to people is in a pub when I’m drunk but even then i still get ignored but ofcourse the young slim blonde girls… maybe not even that great of a face just plain got the guys hovering around them like vultures… I guess chivalry is dead and a lot of men are very shallow. Oh well have to hold my head up high and keep on keeping on.

I guess I have a new college course to look forward to though although I’m disappointed I dropped out of a teaching course and this course I’ve signed up to… the teacher is my old classmate! Boy do I feel ridiculous at my age (22)

You’re complaining about men rejecting you because you’re not slim enough. Then get slim, let your hair grow out. Most of us here don’t even know exactly how to fix our Incel. For you, the solution seems pretty obvious. Yes it’s true that having short hair generally reduces your physical attractiveness and so does being noticeably overweight. Because both of those obscure your femininity. It’s still better than being a short guy because short guys cannot fix their height (and no, I am not a manlet).

If someone told me my Incel would disappear instantly by losing 30 pounds and doing nothing else, that would be a relief. I didn’t choose to be born with ASD, nor did I choose to be born into this horrifying post-feminist society. You are choosing to be fat.

Chivalry is dead because most women don’t deserve it anyway. If you hate “the patriarchy” then you already forfeited your right to chivalry. Yet again just blaming men. Are the men rejecting you noticeably overweight themselves? Or are you trying to unapologetically date up like all women do today?

I’m 26 and still in school. I don’t give two fucks. Nothing is going to change anyway and it’s still another 50+ years being stuck in this shit world so no need to rush unlike women my age who have already traveled around half the world by now.

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Spot on

hello annie_s, welcome to…

ah, I see. in that case welcome back.

sorry, I know how that feels, and it sucks.

honestly, if you feel ridiculous at 22, it’s not going to get better later. you did something else with your life until now, if you wanna learn something. go after it.

exactly this :point_up:

that’s not fair though, she wouldn’t say anything if she didn’t want to. she’s probably tried.
that’s almost like saying “then don’t be poor”. I mean yeah, it’d be great, and I’ve tried, but it’s not something people just ‘decide’ to do some morning after breakfast.
but I get what you’re saying about having a straightforward goal.
it is important to try to improve ourselves as best we can.

This here x100

You are complaining about men rejecting you for what you think is because you’re fat. You already know the reason so why not fix it? Go to the gym. Take up some sport. Dial in your diet. Unless it’s hormonal which I doubt because you’re 22.

Men on the other hand have little to no choice as women only date taller individuals most of the time and there is no proven way to increase ones height. It’s not in our hands.

But you have a choice, you can lose weight and get this problem solved.

There’s a saying in Incel communities.

And yes, this is actually told straight up to male Incels. Fatcel = Volcel.

Non-traditional women deserve non-traditional treatment. As such, the message for female fatcels is the same for male fatcels.

Welcome, welcome :heart:

Are you new here too

If you want someone who’s going to make an effort make an effort yourself. If it’s someone you want to make a big effort make a big effort. If you don’t, make a small effort and make a big effort another time. Big efforts take time and not everyone can be arsed nor should they be.

also asl?

Well not to mention I also have a criminal record for something stupid when I was 17 and i feel like its holding me back because i was charged with afraid… which is basically making someone feel scared for their life.

Long story short I feel like I can’t achieve my dreams of becoming a nurse due to my tainted past and i believe its very unfair this will stay on my record for the rest of my life so now I’ve taken up a beauty and English course in which my new teacher is my old classmate and I’ll be studying next door to my past horrible bitchy hairdressing teacher… so to sum it up I feel like I’m completley messed up either physically or because of my record.

Is there no future for the like of me? Or am I being too much of a pacifist?

there is a future for you, for all of us.
nobody can tell you what that future is, but the point of life is to chase the future you want.

I don’t know maybe. But I digest