Hi I'm new to this and got a question

So yeah I looked into this community and found out Incels are virgins who hate women.

Now im 31, have a job and a car and take pride in my looks. But I suck with women!

I feel like I’m gonna be single forever.

Now the question is…do you have to be a virgin to be an incel?

Because I have had sex in the past.

But I’m getting sick of women!

I’m so sick of women not choosing me!

Picking beefy chads over me!

You don’t need to be a virgin. Also you don’t need to hate women to be an incel, it just happens to be something the larger community has picked up. Kinda like the way people assume all feminists are pro-abortion. The loudest ones are but it’s not in the core heart of being a feminist.

But this is a gender-inclusive forum so we have everyone in here, so if you wanna be a female hater, this is probably not your kinda jam.

Welcome btw

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Technically the official definition of Incel is not being able to have sex within the past 6 months.

Personally I think this is a bit lax and would qualify someone for “Incel-lite.”

At 1 year, moderate incel.

At 3 years or more, severely incel and the distinctions can pretty much stop there (except being a virgin would be the step above this).

In short, you’re probably Incel yes.

If you’re Incel for much longer, I recommend dropping out of society and leeching wherever you can. Move back in with parents/work less or go on welfare. Do whatever you can to contribute as little as possible. You shouldn’t have to jump through so many hoops just to have a normal relationship. Having a job and a car hasn’t done shit for you, and you know why? It’s society; it is the enabling of female hypergamy.

Just let it die.

welcome to incelistan, Highschoolneverdies.

i disagreewiththis

@Restart80 is a little negative. I’ve had sex before but I haven’t in over 5 (going on 6) years. I don’t think I could get a romantic relationship if my life depended on it so I consider myself an incel even though I don’t hate women and consider myself a lite feminist. But yeah, welcome to Incellistan @Highschoolneverdies !

Based on my observations, inceldom is really more of a state of mind. Trying to define it would be like trying to define Loneliness.
It’s a gut feeling that haunts you everywhere you go; the conviction that you are unwanted by members of your preferred sex and that you are are plain and simply just going to die alone.
If someone does have sex with you… it’s out of sheer pity, and they most certainly won’t call you back the next morning to catch up for a coffee… because you’re convinced you’re a loser and you bring nothing to the table.
…if somebody did end up dating you, it would be because they’re settling… and it’s only a matter of time till they dump you and move on to the next best thing.

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I feel like it’s more like an identity, that you can choose to embody or not.

Ex.) I’m a women. It could stop there and I can say oh, I just happen to be a women & don’t think about anything past that…

or, I can only associate with women, think about my place as a women in the world, always go to women events, etc.

So you can be an incel, by definition, or u can embody everything about it and identify actively as one.