Hi, I'm John

Hi, I’m John. I think I’m unsuccessful with dating because I am really self-centered and I have abandonment anxiety. I’m kind of a narcissist. One time I tried running for President on social media and the self-centeredness really comes through in my social media posts like these:

“My personal favorite coding interview is…”

“… Let’s see if I can beat that!”

Like I think my problem is my personality. I don’t think my looks are my main problem:

But yeah, that’s me.

You have a bent nose and an asymmetrical face. You also need to shave the top of your beard more neatly, a straight line.

Your looks are not good, but not horrible. Not average either. Just mildly unpleasant.

Narcissism is attractive in men


, it is not your narcissism.

You have a highly negative canthal tilt as well. Your looks are below average.

Yes you are narcissistic. But as others said that is not really a hinderance in dating.

You have very few followers, that means your message is not resonating. You are failing to appeal to the desires of the average person.

But back to dating, yes you are not good looking and that is causing most of your problems.

lol jesus

I think you’re pretty average and I guess narcissism isn’t the worst thing, but you’re personally very much not my type tbh. You have a decent voice though

someone go easy on him XD


The most offensive part is you think you are good looking. Honey… you look like a drunk raccoon glued pubes to his face. And I don’t mean that to make you feel bad. Life isn’t fair.

It appears he isn’t trying to.

I bet most saying that he’s not good looking, are 2/10 themselves.

Don’t put others down like that. Honesty is good but you’re just lowering a person’s morale at this point.

He’s decent looking and seems like a nice guy.

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People feel better when they tear down others I guess

“You have a decent voice though”

@Katarana Thanks for the comment about my voice, miss. One issue I have is I tend to be more interested in people who show disinterest in me, lol.

“It appears he isn’t trying to.”

@IMthegirlfriendnow You get me.

That’s a kind of Stockholm syndrome

Then I guess I’m yo girl

@Katarana LOL

You’re average-looking - not ugly or handsome. However, if you sculpt your beard, you will look better. Also, try getting a shorter hairstyle

Idk man, the hair one is preference. I find longer hair very nice

Long hair makes a man look feminine tbh. And also a short hairstyle looks much more tougher

Not to say OP looks feminine. He should sculpt his beard though. No homo but he’s a 7/10 rn

How many new members have you veterancels bullied away this week? lol